MyWinePal Wine Article Coverage and More for 2021

Karl MyWinePal at the Burrowing Owl Estate Winery vineyards
Karl MyWinePal at the Burrowing Owl Estate Winery vineyards

Have you ever wondered how much work you’ve done in a year on your job or hobby?  I’ve written many wine articles this year, and in previous years, but never really counted to see how many articles I’ve written and how to classify them.  I thought I’d try it this year and see if there are any surprises. 

For most articles, when I review wines at home I taste two wines.  So when you see the number of wine review articles you need to multiply that number by two for the total number of wines.

Total number of articles written by MyWinePal: 237

Number of BC wine review articles: 82

Number of BC wineries visited: 10

Number of Old World Wines review articles: 13

Number of New World Wines review articles (not BC): 13

Number of Food & Wine pairing articles: 7

Number of interviews: 8

Number of book reviews: 2

Number of beer articles: 10

Number of cider articles: 2

Number of whisky articles: 2

The greatest surprise from the numbers above is how many articles I wrote; 237.  That works out to 19.75 articles monthly, or 4.9 articles weekly, on average.  I’m a very busy writer!  As it is not yet the end of December I will have a few more articles written to add to the above totals.

Besides me, I have two other wine reviewers this year.  Anita Dorion lives in and reviews wines from Ontario, while Yvonne Lorkin lives in New Zealand and reviews New Zealand wines for  I am very grateful for their written contributions and for making us more knowledgeable about wines from these two regions.

Anita Dorion (Vinetranslator) articles on Ontario wines: 23

Yvonne Lorkin articles on New Zealand wines: 14

Author: mywinepal
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