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MyWinePal Youtube channel

MyWinePal Interviews with Wineries Showing on Youtube

 mywinepal  November 22, 2021

I do make video interviews with winery principals during the Vancouver International Wine Festival and at other events.  I put the videos on youtube, but have not used youtube for a while; since COVID closed down Festivals.  I thought I would put the link here to my youtube feed in case you would like to be entertained by winemakers that…

Okanagan Crush Pad winemakers

NEWS: Okanagan Crush Pad Adds New Winemakers to the Team for Harvest

 mywinepal  August 13, 2018

Big news today.  Okanagan Crush Pad has added two winemakers, to work along with Matt Dumayne, to begin working on this harvest.  Of note to me is that they have brought in a winemaker especially for sparkling wines.  I think BC is doing great sparkling wines, and the demand for our sparkling wines will grow, so this is a good…