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Mulled wine

A Variety of Cocktails for the Holidays and Winter Months

 mywinepal  October 26, 2022

Depending on the season, many of us prefer different drinks.  For wine drinkers, for example, crisp white wines in the summer and big bold wines in winter.  Cocktails can also change depending on the season.  I received a few mulled cocktail recipes via email that I would like to pass along to you to enjoy over the holidays and the…

Creek & Gully Crabby Pear 2021 and Just Crab 2021

2 Crab Apple Ciders from Creek & Gully in Penticton

 mywinepal  July 18, 2022

Have you ever had a cider made from crab apples? I don’t think I have until today. I have two ciders from Creek & Gully Cider in Penticton. One is Just Crab 2021 and the other is Crabby Pear 2021 which is a blend of 50% Hyslop crab apple and 50% Bartlett pear. If you bite into crab apples you…