How Many Articles Has MyWinePal Written in 2023?

I enjoy tasting wines and writing about them.  I don’t consider writing the articles as stressful.  I love telling other people about wines from near and far.  But I thought I could check to see how many articles I did publish in 2023 and I was surprised.  I wrote 238 articles in 2023. That works out to 20 articles per month or 5 articles a week on average.  I was amazed that I submitted articles so often.  I decided to dig a bit deeper into what I wrote by looking at my WordPress statistics.  Here is what I learned about my writing.

My Posting Activity

MyWinePal posting activity 2023 graphic
MyWinePal posting activity 2023 graphic

May 2023 I am extremely busy posting articles.  This is during VanWineFest 2023.  My VanWineFest article writing continued into June 2023.  My quietest period was in September when I was on vacation, visiting the Niagara Peninsula and then my family in Edmonton, but I still was able to post at least two articles a week.

Top Wine Tags

I do write many articles about BC wines, as I receive many to review, but I was surprised to see which were the top tags that people searched for in my wine review database.

MyWinePal top tags for 2023
MyWinePal top tags (tag symbol) and categories (folder symbol) for 2023

Sparkling wine and Italian wine topped the list, followed by BC wines.  I have reviewed many BC sparkling wines as well as sparkling wines from around the world, so this graph shows how strong interest there is in bubbles.  I did not see “rosé” wine in the list, which I thought would show up.  I love drinking Italian wines and many of my readers do as well.  I wrote several articles about Chianti Classico wines, so assume that most reader interest is for this wine region. I also noticed that Valentine’s Day is very popular.  Thank you to all my amorous readers.

Best Day and Time to Read An Article

My last tidbit of information about my readers is which day is most popular to read my articles and what time during the day has the most reads?  Thursday is my most popular day with 21% of people reading on that day.  The most popular time to read my articles daily is 3 pm, Vancouver time.  

I appreciate everyone who reads my articles and provides comments.  If you have a question about certain wines or would like me to write an article(s) about some wines or regions that I have not covered, please let me know.  I am always open to posting that information to you all.  So we all learn. 

Happy New Year everyone and I hope your wine glasses are always full.  Cin cin.

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