Goldie and Fortuna Apple Ciders from Creek & Gully Cider

Salish apples (Image courtesy

Salish apples (Image courtesy

I have two more apple ciders for you from Creek & Gully Cider in Penticton; their Fortuna 2020 and Goldie 2019.  PACS Certified Organic apples are used by Creek & Gully. 

Fortuna is made with equal parts Red Delicious, Spartan, Braeburn, and Salish apples. I have not heard of Salish apples before so checked online.  According to BC Tree Fruits, it is the product of an apple breeding program in Summerland, BC by the Okanagan Plant Improvement Cooperation (PICO). The apple was bred in 1981 but was not released to the market until 2012. It is described as crisp, sweet, and tangy.

Goldie is made with Braeburn, Red Delicious, Pink Lady and Fuji apples. This cider was aged in neutral oak barrels for 12 months and then 8 months on its lees in bottle, which should give it extra complexity. Both are lightly sparkling ciders. Let me tell you about them.

My Cider Tasting Notes

Creek & Gully Cider Goldie 2019 (BC $26)

A clear medium amber colour with petillant bubbles in the glass. Medium intensity aromas of honey, sweet pea floral, and hints of vanilla and toffee. Dry, medium-plus body, quite smooth and round with a very small creamy bubble. Subtle apple flavours along with touches of lees, caramel, and aged apples. Medium length, light finish, with subtle apple and touches of woodiness and some tannins. A cider with some complexity.  4 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars

Creek & Gully Fortuna 2020 and Goldie 2019 ciders

Creek & Gully Fortuna 2020 and Goldie 2019 ciders

Creek & Gully Fortuna 2020 (BC $22)

A bright copper colour with a slight haze. Medium-plus flavours of a traditional apple cider along with some woodiness. Dry, medium-plus body with a mix of juicy and roasted apples, plus some bitter apple skin and woodiness toward the finish. Small to medium sized creamy bubbles. Also a bit of tonic water flavour to this cider. I think I can pick out the Spartan apple flavour in this cider. A medium-plus length finishing dry, and flavours of dried and roasted apples, plus some drying tannins. 4 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars

C&G closure

C&G closure

You may notice the black C&G closure to keep the cider sparkling and free from anything falling into the bottle before it is finished.  It is a closure for sparkling beverages, such as cider and wine.  These closures are smaller than other closures that have two arms that clip under the lip of the bottle.  I quite like the design.  I did not see the closures for sale on the Creek & Gully website.  The closure may come with each order?  I will check with Creek & Gully and update that info for you.  I spoke with C&G and they said that the closures cost $5 and are available on the website.

BONUS: Cider Pairing with Cheese and Pate

I wondered what foods would pair with these hand-crafted ciders made with organic apples. 

Creek & Gully Fortuna (L) and Goldie (R) ciders paired with cheddar cheese, pate, and multigrain crackers

Creek & Gully Fortuna (L) and Goldie (R) ciders paired with cheddar cheese, pate, and multigrain crackers

I was by Whole Foods and saw this Pate Grand-Mere made with pork and chicken liver pate plus port wine and Armagnac.  I also previously purchased a medium creamy cheddar called Monsieur Gustav by Agropur.  Why not try the pate and cheese with the ciders?

Both ciders were complementary pairings.  The acidity and the bubbles in the ciders worked with the creaminess of the cheese and the richness of the pate.  The pate is very good quality.  Nice texture, moist, and the pork+chicken liver flavour was not overwhelming.  The cheese is smooth and creamy, not a sharp cheddar.  

Although it is cold and cloudy today in Vancouver, I can imagine enjoying this pate and cheese with the ciders on my patio on a sunny day.  

I also had some whole grain crackers to try, but there was a very strong sesame flavour to it which overwhelmed the pate, cheese, and ciders, so I omitted the crackers from my remaining bites.  I think a rice cracker would work nicely with this plate.  

Where Can I Buy These Ciders?

You can order both ciders online from Creek & Gully Cider or purchase them at the Cidery in Penticton.  You can also purchase through these retailers:

Jak’s Liquor Stores – BC
Liberty Wine Merchants – Vancouver
Urban Liquor Stores -Kelowna
Public Liquor – Kelowna
Grand Liquor Merchants – Nelson
Cook St. Liquor – Victoria
College Heights Liquor – Prince George

And at these restaurants, breweries, and bakeries:

Fox Mountain Brewing Company  – Williams Lake
Wildflower Bakeshop + Cafe  -Port Alberni
Ratio Coffee – Vernon The Courtney Room – Victoria
Cuchillo – Vancouver

If you are in Montreal or in Alberta, you have these options:

Bricks Wine Co. – Calgary
Sherbrooke Liquor – Edmonton
Fleurs et Cadeaux  – Montreal

Thank you to Creek & Gully Cider for providing me with these samples to review.

All their ciders are around 7% alcohol, which makes them lighter than many wines.

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