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Top Drop Vancouver

My Top Drop Picks From Top Drop Canada 2023

 mywinepal  May 29, 2023

I enjoy attending the Top Drop Canada wine tasting each year.  It is probably my second favourite event after the Vancouver International Wine Festival.  If you have not heard of Top Drop before, the organizers describe it as “Top Drop’s focus and mandate is providing a platform for terroir-influenced, handcrafted wines, and the people behind them. We believe in the…

40 Knots Winery tasting room

Enjoying 40 Knots Winery Wines on Their Patio

 mywinepal  August 1, 2022

When I am on vacation, if there is a winery nearby, I will usually drop by.  In this case, 40 Knots Winery is in Comox, just 30 minutes away from Campbell River, so I popped in to say hi to Brenda Hetman-Craig, Owner of 40 Knots, and to sample some of her wines on their patio.  This was my first…

Creek & Gully Crabby Pear 2021 and Just Crab 2021

2 Crab Apple Ciders from Creek & Gully in Penticton

 mywinepal  July 18, 2022

Have you ever had a cider made from crab apples? I don’t think I have until today. I have two ciders from Creek & Gully Cider in Penticton. One is Just Crab 2021 and the other is Crabby Pear 2021 which is a blend of 50% Hyslop crab apple and 50% Bartlett pear. If you bite into crab apples you…

Creek & Gully Fortuna 2020 and Goldie 2019 ciders

Goldie and Fortuna Apple Ciders from Creek & Gully Cider

 mywinepal  June 29, 2022

I have two more apple ciders for you from Creek & Gully Cider in Penticton; their Fortuna 2020 and Goldie 2019.  PACS Certified Organic apples are used by Creek & Gully.  Fortuna is made with equal parts Red Delicious, Spartan, Braeburn, and Salish apples. I have not heard of Salish apples before so checked online.  According to BC Tree Fruits,…

Creek & Gully Pink Lady and Newtown Granny Apple Ciders

Pink Lady and Newtown Granny Apple Ciders from Creek & Gully Cider

 mywinepal  June 24, 2022

As promised, with the start of summer and summer sunshine, I opened up two bottles of apple cider by Creek & Gully Cider from Penticton. I have their Creek & Gully Newtown Granny 2020 and their Pink Lady 2020 made from organically grown Granny Smith + Newtown-Pippin and Pink Lady apples respectively. Both ciders are sparkling made via pet-nat method….

Selection of wines at Top Drop Vancouver 2022

Top Drop Vancouver 2022: My Top Drops!

 mywinepal  May 12, 2022

Top Drop Vancouver 2022 was on May 10 and 11.  Part of the event was a large tasting room, with 40 wineries presenting a selection of their wines.  There was also to my great happiness, cider as well, which I will get to later in this article.  Top Drop Canada puts on this event yearly (except during the COVID shutdown),…