Gneiss Rosé 2020 Then and Now Plus Filipino Food Pairing

Jollibee chicken, pancit, and dessert items ordered

Jollibee chicken, pancit, and dessert items ordered

This article is a 2-for-1.  It’s Filipino Restaurant Month in Vancouver. So, I started out to review Filipino food from the new Jollibee fast food restaurant that opened in downtown Vancouver, but then I added on wine, as I like to have wine with my lunch and dinner, when possible.  I lined up in the organized chaos to buy Jollibee’s Chicken Joy (similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken), Filipino spaghetti (a sweet tomato sauce and has pieces of hot dog), and Pancit Palabok (a seafood noodle dish). Pancit Palabok is my favourite Filipino noodle dish as it has lots of flavour. 

But now which wine would I pair these dishes with?  I thought about needing a good level of acidity to balance the fattiness/grease in the fried chicken, and complementary flavours for the seafood in the Pancit Palabok.  Riesling and Chenin Blanc first popped into my mind, but when I opened my wine storage cabinet, one of the first bottles I saw was the Gneiss Wines Rosé 2020.  Yes, a rosé wine would also be a nice pairing.  Here we are now, with my wine tasting notes and my comments on pairing with the Filipino food.

My Wine Tasting Notes

Gneiss Wines Rosé 2020 with wine in glass

Gneiss Wines Rosé 2020 with wine in glass

Gneiss Wines Rosé 2020 (BC $28.99 for 2021 vintage)

Appearance: A medium-plus bright reddish-orange peach skin colour.
Nose: Medium-minus intensity aromas of red fruit, strawberries and toastiness. Mostly red fruit aromas with decanting with a lesser amount of strawberries, bramble leaf and rhubarb.
Palate: Slightly off-dry, quite smooth, soft, and round. Strawberries, a touch of red cherries and bramble leaf flavours. Very light tannins and medium acidity. Bright tart red fruits, red cherries and a touch of citrus and grape stem with decanting.  Also, the acidity is a bit stronger and there is some minerality.
Finish: Medium length finishing with a mix of tart and sweet red fruit and a touch of light tannins. Dry finish with tart red fruits, grape stem and light tannins with decanting.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Decanted or not, you can enjoy this wine.  It has an orangy red peach skin colour.  Lighter aromas of red fruits, strawberries and toastiness. Some rhubarb as well with decanting.  Medium-plus body, slightly off-dry, round and smooth mouthfeel.  Red fruits, red cherries and bramble leaf flavours.  Add citrus and grape stem flavours if decanted.

Gneiss Wines Rosé Changes?

As a bonus, I tasted this wine in October 2021 at the Gneiss Winery at the District Wine Village in Oliver and bought a bottle.  The wine has had 6 months to rest in my temperature-controlled wine cabinet.  Has it changed any?  I always consider this when I compare tasting notes from a winery.  The notes are written before the wine is bottled.  I may be tasting the wine shortly after being bottled, or maybe 1-2 years after bottling.  Do their tasting notes match my notes?  What has changed?

Gneiss Wines Rosé 2020 ($27.99) – tasted October 2021. A blend of 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc. It has a light salmon colour in the glass. A light intensity strawberry and lemon nose. Off-dry, very smooth, and round. Interesting flavours with strawberry and rhubarb. Soft acidity. A fun sip. 4.5 out of 5 stars

What changed? I did not notice any lemon scent or rhubarb flavour when I tasted the wine initially.  With decanting, I picked up citrus on the palate and rhubarb on the nose.  So I am guessing the bottle of wine I sampled at the Gneiss Wines tasting room must have been opened for a few hours.  The wine stayed off-dry and very smooth and round.  

Pairing This Wine With Filipino Food

One of the hot trends in the last few years has been Filipino cuisine, which takes a bit of Spanish, Malay, and Chinese influences and blends them together.  The food is usually not spicy but makes use of vinegar and garlic.  Seafood plays a big part in the cuisine as the country is a series of islands surrounded by the ocean, but also Filipinos love to cook chicken and pork.

Jollibee Chicken Joy and Pancit Palabok

Jollibee Chicken Joy and Pancit Palabok

Did this wine pair well with the fried chicken and Pancit Palabok? Yes, it did. The fruit flavours were complementary to the pancit, and the medium acidity was enough to balance out the fat/grease from the fried chicken, as well as keep the seafood flavour of the pancit bright.

Where Can I Buy This Wine?

The Gneiss Wines Rosé 2020 is sold out at the winery but the 2021 vintage is on its way. Here is the URL to Gneiss Wines’ wine release page.  I did not find the wine listed at a few private stores I checked online.

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