Some New Zealand Wineries that Want Us to Enjoy Their Wines

New Zealand in a Glass
New Zealand in a Glass

New Zealand has fresh, vibrant wines as we make in BC.  It is fun to taste wines from around the world, possibly giving you insights into new grape varieties or styles of winemaking.  You may also have an interest in organic or vegan wines.  New Zealand has these to offer.  In BC we do have a selection of wines from New Zealand, but we can also open our embrace to more kiwi wines.  I did some research on New Zealand wineries looking for Canadian representation, plus checked if they are organic, biodynamic, or vegan wineries.  Here are the wineries I identified, for the wine agents here in BC, and across Canada.  I’ve added links to more info about each winery so you can read about them and their wines. 

I have seen my New Zealand wine reviewer, Yvonne Lorkin, review wines from these wineries and many more.  You may want to check out her reviews on her Yvonne Lorkin website.  As more of these wines come into BC, I will have Yvonne’s reviews on  There is currently a review of Seresin Rosé on her main page.

Organic Wineries

New Zealand organic wineries seeking Canadian representation
New Zealand organic wineries seeking Canadian representation (Images courtesy New Zealand Winegrowers)

Cable Bay Vineyards

Carrick Winery 2021 Ltd.

FROMM Winery

Odyssey Wines

Osawa Wines

Vegan Wineries

Amoise Wines

Cable Bay Vineyards

Carrick Winery 2021 Ltd.

Clos Marguerite

FROMM Winery

Chasing Harvest

EP Wines Limited

Haha Wine Company

Hans Herzog Estate

Odyssey Wines

Ten Sisters Wine


Two Rivers

Winelord Ltd.

Biodynamic Wines

In case you were interested in biodynamic wines, there are four New Zealand wineries that are supplying biodynamic wines into Canada.   They are:

Felton Road

Milton Vineyards & Winery


Seresin Estate

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