Alexander Keith’s 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky Released By Glenora Distilleries

Are you a beer drinker? And a whisky drinker?  Did you know that whisky starts off by fermenting grains (just like beer) to release sugars that yeasts will eventually convert into alcohol? The Nova Scotian Alexander Keith’s brewery is best known for their India Pale Ale, but their beer is now known for making whisky!  The press release from the Glenora Distillery that used Alexander Keith’s IPA is below.  Slainte!


GLENVILLE, Nova Scotia: Glenora Distillery of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, announces a new product, Glen Breton Alexander Keith’s Single Malt Whisky made with renowned Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale.

Eighteen years ago, Glenora distilled several batches of Alexander Keith’s IPA, placed it in bourbon oak barrels and tucked it away in a dark corner of a warehouse in the magical hills of Cape Breton.

After 18 years of quietly maturing, it garnered a wonderful taste of malted barley that was enhanced by the spring waters and apple trees scattered throughout Glenora’s property.  The result is a whisky with soft notes of maple cream, butterscotch, and a rounded lingering light applewood finish.

“After all these years, it’s amazing to see this collaboration between these two Nova Scotia institutions come to fruition,” said Matt Miles, General Manager of Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery.   “Two hundred years after Alexander Keith’s brewery was founded, Keith’s remains one of the best-selling beer brands in Nova Scotia.   Now to have such a well-crafted whisky from Glenora bear Mr. Keith’s name is something we think our founder, especially given his Scottish heritage, would be proud of.”   Miles also added, “We are proud to keep this partnership brewing.  Alexander Keith’s Brewery will be using these same barrels that aged the whisky to age a new beer that will be released in 2022.”

Of the company’s new product, Glenora’s President Lauchie MacLean says:  

“It is amazing how such a great beer can be distilled and aged into something totally different from the original product and become wonderful in a whole different way.  As with Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale, we are sure those who like it will like it a lot.”

Glen Breton Alexander Keith’s Canadian Single Malt Whisky will be available in select Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation stores or you can buy whisky online from Glenora.


Glenora Distillery is North America’s oldest single malt whisky distillery. It produces Glen Breton Rare which is sold in over 20 countries.  Glenora has been recognized as one of the six most picturesque whisky distilleries in the world.  Glenora offers overnight accommodation, a pub, restaurant, gift shop, entertainment, and distillery tours seasonally each year.

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