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Alexander Keith’s 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Alexander Keith’s 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky Released By Glenora Distilleries

 mywinepal  April 15, 2021

Are you a beer drinker? And a whisky drinker?  Did you know that whisky starts off by fermenting grains (just like beer) to release sugars that yeasts will eventually convert into alcohol? The Nova Scotian Alexander Keith’s brewery is best known for their India Pale Ale, but their beer is now known for making whisky!  The press release from the…

Holiday Themed Beers from BC Ale Trail

Tis The Season for Holiday-Themed Beers on the BC Ale Trail

 mywinepal  December 7, 2020

In case you enjoy beer as well as wine, I received this press release from the BC Ale Trail with a lineup of very interesting holiday themed beer.  Pick up a 6 pack or more for the holidays and enjoy. ~~~ December 7, 2020, Victoria, BC – With the arrival of December, many craft breweries in British Columbia are beginning to…

A variety of things to see and do in Glasgow

What to Do in a Day or Two in Glasgow, Scotland?

 mywinepal  July 29, 2019

If you fly via WestJet to Scotland like I did, you will be landing in Glasgow.  After settling down in your hotel room or airbnb it’s time to start exploring.  I’ve put together a brief list of places that I visited which can easily fill up two days of your vacation. You can easily access all these sites below by…

Steel & Oak, Steamworks, and Le Trou du Diable beers

The Beer Geek Program at BC Liquor Stores

 mywinepal  July 4, 2019

Sometimes you want to switch up a glass of wine for a bottle, or can, of beer.  BC Liquor Stores has a new Beer Geek Program.  The beers they mention are all from BC craft breweries, except for one from Quebec.  Let’s celebrate the summer with good beer (and wine).  Here is the BC Liquor Store announcement. ~~~ The Beer…

Cornucopia 2015 Craft Beer for Wine Lovers

Cornucopia 2015: Craft Beer for Wine Lovers?

 mywinepal  November 17, 2015

Beer and wine lovers; dog and cat lovers. Can they co-exist or appreciate each other? That latter question was tackled at the Cornucopia seminar on “Craft Beer for Wine Lovers“. I must admit that I do appreciate beer, so it was not a hard sell for me, and I think the other people in the seminar also found beers that…