Canadian Wine Exports Visualized

Canada.  We are a small wine-producing nation.  Other countries like France and Italy dwarf our production.  Even regions within a country, like California, outproduce all the wine we make in Canada.  But we make wine.  I downloaded the XLS wine export sales data for Canada from the Canadian Vintners Association and thought if I put the data on a map it would make it easier to understand the numbers.  I plotted the sales data for 2014-2018 as graduated pie charts on a map.  The sum of all the sales data for a country makes the size of the pie chart, and each slice represents each of the years, so if you so one year with a very large slice that means that that year had much greater sales than other years.  You can click on the map to enlarge it.  I hope you enjoy viewing this map.

Canadian Wine Exports 2014-2018 on a Map

Canadian wine exports 2014-2018
Canadian wine exports 2014-2018
Author: mywinepal
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