Quick Review Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Single Vineyard Estate Riesling 2018

Pewsey Vale Single Vineyard Estate Eden Valley Riesling 2018 with wine in glass
Pewsey Vale Single Vineyard Estate Eden Valley Riesling 2018 with wine in glass

The Pewsey Vale Vineyard from the Eden Valley in Australia was originally established in 1847 by Englishman Joseph Gilbert and had Riesling planted at that time. I read that their vines came from the Macarthur vineyards at Camden in New South Wales where William Macarthur had travelled to the Rheingau, Germany in 1837 to collect Riesling cuttings. With an altitude varying between 485 and 500 metres, the Pewsey Vale Vineyard sits 250m above the Barossa Valley floor which means that the vineyard gets cooler temperatures and a longer ripening period which provides the perfect for fruit and acid-driven Riesling.

I’ve known about and appreciated Rieslings from the Eden Valley for many years, and was very happy to have receive this bottle to review.

My Tasting Notes

Pewsey Vale Single Vineyard Estate Eden Valley Riesling 2018 (BC $21.99) –  This wine has a medium intensity bright straw colour.  It has a youthful, medium intensity nose showing a mix between lemon-lime and petrol, along with touches of peach and floral.  Nice fresh aromas.  The wine is dry with higher acidity, medium body, but more pronounced flavours.  You get an acidic prickle on your tongue and an angular mouthfeel.  The wine has a mix of citrus, lime rind mixed with petrol, which is then followed with bramble leaf.  It has a medium-plus length finishing with tart citrus, rind and bramble leaf.  Lime specifically at the very end.  Nice bright tart citrus flavours.  Bring on a salad with feta and some toasted almonds to enjoy with this wine.  With a decant, there were no noticeable changes in aromas or flavours, so open and enjoy.  This wine with its higher acidity and fruit flavours should age very well over the next 5-8 years.

Rating: 4.5 stars A quality Riesling with a nice mix of citrus aromas and flavours, and solid acidic backbone that you can enjoy now or over the next 5-8 years.

Where Can I Buy This Wine?

This wine is available through 45 BC Liquor Stores. You can also buy this wine through EverythingWine.ca.

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