Jurassian Wines to Enjoy with Marcel Cabelier at VanWineFest 2020

Have you ever tried wines from Jura in France?  Vin Jaune is a very interesting wine made in this region.  Marcel Cabelier does produce Vin Jaune and other wines.  Read about this winery coming to visit us at the Vancouver International Wine Festival, in their own words.

Introducing Marcel Cabelier

Marcel Cabelier logoMarcel Cabelier is part of Maison du Vigneron, which is the #1 producer of Jura wines and Crémants. They act as a negociant so have no vineyards of its own. White wines and red wines, vin jaune and vin de paille, Jura crémants and Macvin du Jura liqueurs, all lie maturing under our watchful gaze within barrels in our wine storerooms.

The Maison du Vigneron is the principal producer of the Jurassian winegrowing region, passionately raising the entire region’s great reputation. With its impressive prevalence throughout all the Jurassian appellations, the Maison du Vigneron constantly strives to establish great renown for the Jurassian vines and their wonderful variety. The wines still owe their great reputation to the renowned quality of the region’s soil, as well as its conservation of cultural practices and traditional winemaking methods. The climate, the soil and the native grape varieties, such as Savagnin, Poulsard and Trousseau, these are what make Jura such a unique winemaking region that will continue to delight from your very first visit to your hundredth!

Our Quality Standards

Since it was first founded, the Maison du Vigneron has cultivated a partnership between 100 different grape-growing vineyards, which work in close collaboration with winegrowing experts following meticulously recorded specifications and checks. In this way, we are able to ensure traceability in every subsidiary: from the source upwards, with the grape-growers to ensure a rigorous selection of grapes right up to the distribution of the finished product, from the wine-growers downwards, with the objective of producing the best-quality Jura wines and crémants.

The Wines We Will Feature at the Festival

The wines below will only be available at a seminar and a grazing event during the Festival.

Marcel Cotes du Jura Chardonnay 2015, Marcel Cabelier Cremant du Jura 60 Extra Brut NV, and Marcel Cabelier Medaille Château Chalon 2009 wines
Marcel Cotes du Jura Chardonnay 2015, Marcel Cabelier Cremant du Jura 60 Extra Brut NV, and Marcel Cabelier Medaille Château Chalon 2009 wines

Marcel Cotes du Jura Chardonnay 2015 (C’est Cool at The Loft at Earls Yaletown on Tuesday) – Straw robe with green reflections. Intense and complex nose with apple, hazelnut, floral and vanilla notes. Round with nice acidic support to finish.

Marcel Cabelier Cremant du Jura 60 Extra Brut NV (C’est Cool at The Loft at Earls Yaletown on Tuesday) – This is a Cremant du Jura made from Chardonnay and has aged more than 60 months in our cellar. It has brilliant, green reflections. A discrete fruity nose, smoky, fresh, anise. Fresh, beautiful balance. Pair with scallops carpaccio.

Marcel Cabelier Medaille Château Chalon 2009 (Grapes Unknown seminar on Friday) – a Vin Jaune wine made from the Savagnin grape.  It has an intense golden colour. Intense and complex bouquet with notes of nuts. A round attack with a nice structure and slightly tangy flavours, it offers a long finish with aromas of nuts. It is Château-Chalon soil’s minerality that gives it this great complexity. It goes well with white meats, fish and cheese. Ready to be consumed, this wine lasts more than 20 years (because of ageing with oxidation).

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