Say Hola to Bodegas Arráez Pedro at VanWineFest 2018

About Bodegas Arráez

Bodegas Arráez Pedro winery
Bodegas Arráez Pedro winery

Our family winery was founded in 1916 by local growers for the promotion of their own harvest, afterward becoming Don Antonio Arráez Garrigós’ property in 1950. It was in those years that sales of his wines, both in bulk and bottled, started.

In 1980, under Don Antonio Arráez Ibanco, the company became incorporated and international and became an important reference in the “Denominación de Origen Valencia”, in which it actively participated from its beginnings. From 2007 onwards, Toni Arráez Calabuig took charge of managing the winery, which is in a new phase of change moving towards more modern and up-to-date wines, taking care not to lose the character that both the region in which they are made and family tradition contribute.

Our winery is situated in Font de la Figuera, in the Valencia area of Spain, and was built around three old wineries belonging to private winegrowers. With the passing of time the installations have been refurbished, adopting new techniques of production. Currently, we have modern production areas, including a bottling line equipped with the latest technology and an aging cellar for top quality wines. In this way, we maintain our winemaking tradition combining it with the latest oenological techniques.

Our Vineyards

Bodegas Arráez Pedro vineyards
Bodegas Arráez Pedro vineyards

Our vineyards are found 90 kilometres from the Mediterranean sea and at an altitude of 600 to 800 metres between two valleys whose position generates a Mediterranean / Continental microclimate which together with poor soils form the perfect combination for the cultivation of quality grapes. Our winery has 30 hectares of vineyards, with predominantly local grapes. Apart from these vineyards, we have been supplied with grapes from local independent winegrowers of the area since the 1950s. In our vineyards we tend 40-year-old vines; with local varieties like Monastrell, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Verdil and Moscatel, and foreign varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

About Toni Arráez

Toni Arráez
Toni Arráez

After working elaborating wines in more than 15 wineries from the north of Spain mainly in Rioja and Ribera del Duero, Toni decided to come to his father´s winery wanting to follow the legacy of his grandfather and father giving the project some new ideas he wanted to develop.

His parents have given him the values of work, honor, friendship, loyalty and because of the management in the winery, he has become the leader of a great team that without them they wouldn´t be able to manage all things they are doing.

From the start he wanted to make wines that could be understood by all kinds of people. He believes you do not have to be an expert to know or speak about wine.  For Toni it has been really important to create wines with indigenous varieties, respecting the environment, and refusing to use any chemicals to produce them.

Some years ago Toni started to make wine in other regions, which allow him to transfer his way of understanding wine to other varieties, soils and climates, always respecting the authenticity and originality of the local grapes in each area. Currently Toni is making wines in D.O. Valencia, D.O. Cava, D.O. Jumilla, D.O. Alicante and D.O. Cataluña.

Our Philosophy of Wine Development

When we developed our wines we were focusing on young people, which in Spain are drinking more beer and less wine, so we thought that it was because the wineries weren’t focusing their wines into their needs.  Good naming, packaging, easy to drink and enjoy and with a fresh style was our solution.

Now we realize that these wines are not just for young people; these are wines for people with young spirit, no matter the age, open-minded and that enjoy life by experimenting new things.

The Wines We Will Pour at the Festival

Cava Sutra D.O. Cava – Made from 90% Macabeo and 10% Chardonnay. Cava Sutra has pale yellow and brilliant colour, with very delicate bubbles and a creamy froth.
On the nose, the intensity of white fruits stands out, combined in a balanced way with citric notes that contribute freshness and youth. In the mouth, it is round and velvety, smooth on the palate but intense with delicate bubbles, well-integrated and invites repetition.

Mala Vida D.O. Valencia – A blend of Monastrell, Shiraz, Cabernet and Tempranillo. 8 months in American, French and Hungarian oak barrels. Mala Vida has a dark cherry red colour and aromas of great intensity amongst which red fruits with a background of spices and roasted aromas. On the palate, it is very pleasant and silky with appetizing tannins that invite repetition. MALA VIDA is the best – selling red wine in Valencia in its segment.

Cava Sutra sparkling and Mala Vida wines from Bodegas Arráez Pedro
Cava Sutra sparkling and Mala Vida wines from Bodegas Arráez Pedro

Vividor D.O. UTIEL-REQUENA – A blend of Bobal 85% and Garnacha 15% aged for 4 months in French and American oak. Vividor has an intense garnet red colour with aromas of fresh red fruits (berries), floral and balsamic notes. On the palate, it is ample and is a very well-structured wine with plenty of volume. The union of fruit and wood envelopes the mouth producing a long and pleasant finish.

Bala Perdida D.O.P ALICANTE – Made from Alicante Bouschet (Garnacha Tintorera). 4 months in Hungarian and American oak. The wine has intense cherry and vibrant red wine. Intense aromas of mature red and black fruits which remind one of jam. Fills the mouth with a silky and pleasant sensation.

Vivir Sin Dormir D.O JUMILLA – 100% Monastrell, made naturally, 100% organic. Vivir sin Dormir has an intense purple colour and aromas of very mature red and dark fruits. Black pepper and subtle roasted tones appear in the aftertaste. On the palate, it is an enveloping wine intensity, well-structured and persistent.

Vividor, Bala Perdida, and Vivir Sin Dormir wines from Bodegas Arráez Pedro
Vividor, Bala Perdida, and Vivir Sin Dormir wines from Bodegas Arráez Pedro

Where Else To Find Us

We will be pouring the following wines at the Festival Tasting Room:

  • LOS ARRAEZ Lagares
  • LOS ARRAEZ Parcela 0

For more information about our winery visit our website:



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