Game Changers – 360 Degree Photo Spheres and Videos

Technology progresses and enables us to do things we only dreamed was possible.  For me, one thing I would like people to experience is what does it look and sound like to be in the middle of a wine tasting event.  I can now do this thanks to 360-degree photo spheres and 360-degree videos.

I recently attended the “Taste Valpolicella & Prosecco Superiore” tasting in downtown Vancouver.  Below is a 360-degree photo sphere and 360-degree video of the tasting.  I hope it excites you as much as me.  In the photo sphere you can pan up-down-left-right.  Similarly with the video as the video is playing.  Game changers.

I’m looking forward to attending other wine and food events, interviewing wine makers, and visiting BC wineries to create these exciting images and videos for you.

[vrview img=”” width=”70%” height=”70%” ]

Above a 360-degree photo sphere of the Valpolicella Wine & Prosecco Superiore Tasting. Click the bottom right box in the image to maximize the window.

Above a 360-degree video of the Valpolicella Wine & Prosecco Superiore Tasting on my youtube channel.