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Get Your Tickets for Taste Washington 2024

 mywinepal  January 25, 2024  0 Comments on Get Your Tickets for Taste Washington 2024

Taste Washington 2024 tickets are now on sale.  Be sure to buy for the events you want as the tickets sell out quickly.  The “tomorrow” tickets are also now on sale. Which Event is Right For You? Learn more about Taste Washington at this link.  

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Are You an Expert on Riesling Wines from Around the World? Try This Quiz.

 mywinepal  August 20, 2023

The Riesling grape, originating in the Rhine region of Germany, carries a legacy that spans centuries. Its journey across the world has resulted in an intriguing juxtaposition between Old World and New World expressions. In Germany and Alsace, the grape showcases its classic charm, producing wines with delicate floral aromas, racy acidity, and a pronounced mineral character. In contrast, New…