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Movie Critics vs Wine Critics Ratings?

 mywinepal  July 5, 2016  2 Comments on Movie Critics vs Wine Critics Ratings?

Movies and wines have many things in common.  There are different types or styles of movies such as: romance action horror comedy Similarly with wine we have, for example: red white rose sparkling fortified Movies and wines also share something else in common; ratings.  Before you go to a movie, you may have watched a movie critic on TV or…

What’s Wrong with Wine Ratings?

 mywinepal  April 8, 2013

There are two sides to every fence, to every coin, to every argument.  This also holds true for wine ratings.  I am on the side of not giving a wine I taste a rating on a 100 point scale.  I prefer to describe the wine I tasted, it’s style, if it may pair with some food, etc.  Other people prefer…