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Cabot Trail Maple Cream

Enjoy Some Cabot Trail Maple Cream for the Fall and Winter Seasons

 mywinepal  October 10, 2019

The cooler Fall and Winter seasons are upon us.  It is time for us to gather with friends to enjoy dinners together, or for you to watch a movie or hockey game on TV with your significant other.  You can enjoy all these activities with wine, but if you would like a change, why not try Cabot Trail Maple Cream. …

Caffe Artigiano poster

Caffe Artigiano Summer Tasting Menu for You

 mywinepal  June 28, 2017

We drink coffee year round, but in the summer with the heat, a hot coffee may not be our first choice.  How to get your caffeine fix?  How about from chilled coffee and ice-cream drinks from Caffé Artigiano? Director of Coffee Michael Ratcliffe and Chef Dawn Doucette created some chilled coffee drinks unique to Caffé Artigiano. If you have children…