Caffe Artigiano Summer Tasting Menu for You

Caffe Artigiano
Caffe Artigiano

We drink coffee year round, but in the summer with the heat, a hot coffee may not be our first choice.  How to get your caffeine fix?  How about from chilled coffee and ice-cream drinks from Caffé Artigiano? Director of Coffee Michael Ratcliffe and Chef Dawn Doucette created some chilled coffee drinks unique to Caffé Artigiano.

If you have children in tow, their new menu uses organic milk in all bambini selections.  If you have a tea lover in tow, they have you covered with some iced teas too.

In their own words, their cool new summer drink offerings include:

Ice Coffee

Caffé Artigiano Shakerato, Iced Tea, and Affogato
Caffé Artigiano Shakerato, Iced Tea, and Affogato

A tall, light, refreshing iced coffee brewed with Burundi Gahahe, a spring summer crop, single origin coffee from East Africa best suited for iced coffee. We let it cool naturally, then serve it over ice. Sugar syrup, dairy, soya or almond milk is optional, making this no-calorie and vegan.

Ice Caffè Latte

A tall, espresso-based milky, iced coffee. Chilled over ice, strained then served over fresh ice. Options to make this drink dairy free with soya or almond milk; sugar syrup is optional.

Ice Spanish Latte

A tall espresso based iced coffee. Espresso and frothy rich, slightly sweet condensed milk are stirred over ice.


Caffè Artigiano offers two tall, icy frappé’s this summer for those with a slightly sweeter tooth. Made with coffee, rather than espresso to keep it a bit lighter, either can be made without coffee (for youngsters) or with decaffeinated coffee. Coffee, milk, Italian chocolate or caramel sauce and vanilla syrup are blended to an icy slush and topped with chocolate or caramel syrup drizzle.


This shorter, on trend espresso drink is all the rage in Italy. Espresso and a splash of condensed milk are poured over ice then shaken hard until frothy. Served short, over ice.


This classic Italian afternoon or after dinner treat is just two simple ingredients, a smooth pull of dark espresso poured warm right over a scoop of cold vanilla gelato. Available now at our Park Royal, YVR (MacArthur Glen) and Hornby Street (beside the Hotel Vancouver) locations, further locations coming as freezer space allows.

Ice Tea

We use natural fruit tisane tea to add a natural sweetness, blending blueberry tisane, strawberry rooibos, black and green teas for our unique iced tea blend. No sugar is added, though is optional, and tea’s can be made caffeine free, making these child-friendly as well as no calorie and vegan. Tea’s are brewed, allowed to steep and cool naturally, then served tall over ice with a sprig of fresh mint.

Italian Soda

Instead of turning to a pre-made soda or soft drink, try Caffè Artigiano’s light, refreshing Italian sodas this summer. Choose from frutti do bosco berry or peach syrup over ice, topped with a long pour of sparkling San Pellegrino and topped with fresh blueberries or a fresh sprig of mint.

I was able to try their Shakerato and Affogato as well as an ice tea.  The Shakerato is very easy to drink, and rich as it is blended with condensed milk.  With the ice in it, you can slowly sip it and let the ice melt.  If you want to be more hands-on with your drink, you can mix the ice cream in the Affogato with the espresso in your spoon, and enjoy this drink one spoon at a time.  This one you probably want to drink faster unless you don’t mind your ice cream to be fully melted.  The ice tea was very nice.  I had a blueberry ice tea that has a splash of lemon and a sprig of mint.  Muddle the mint in your tea for more flavour. Very refreshing.

The Food

Caffé Artigiano also has a variety of sweet and savory items for you to enjoy, created by Chef Dawn Doucette. Chef Dawn has created a new line of sandwiches and salads for the summer using organic ingredients. Her “Paolino Piadina” is made with rustic Italian flatbread, Parmesan breaded chicken, roast garlic aioli, mozzarella, marinara sauce and arugula; The “Pavarotti” is green olive tapenade, Italian mortadella, nitrate-free country ham, smoked salami and provolone served on focaccia and the “Sofia” is melted brie and roasted asparagus in a crisp, warm savoury pastry.  You can of course also enjoy pastries; some gluten free.

I was able to sample the Paolino Piadina.  The crispy bread is outstanding, and the flavours of chicken, garlic and arugula go well together.

Caffé Artigiano Paolino Piadina and more sandwiches
Caffé Artigiano Paolino Piadina and more sandwiches

Where Are Caffe Artigiano Locations?

  • Caffé Artigiano, Park Royal Village South (far east end of the village), West Vancouver
  • 4010 Main Street (at 24th), Vancouver
  • Hornby Street (beside the Hotel Vancouver)
  • YVR airport (MacArthur Glen)
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