Pairing Champagne for the US Thanksgiving and for Our Christmas Holidays

Thanksgiving in the USA is coming up on November 25, 2021.  I have many American readers of, so I thought I would share some Champagne pairings with Thanksgiving meals that I received from the Champagne Bureau USA.  Many of us will have similar dishes for our Christmas dinners, so the pairings for Thanksgiving will work for Christmas as well.  

Thanksgiving and Champagne pairings credit Champagne Bureau, USA

Thanksgiving and Champagne pairings credit Champagne Bureau, USA

If you want to learn more about Champagne to impress your Thanksgiving guests, why not take the Champagne Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) by the Comité Champagne, which represents the 16,200 growers and 360 houses in Champagne? The classic version is free and is packed with more pairing tips and fun facts about the region and its wines.  I’ve taken the course and enjoyed watching the videos and the discussion of different topics surrounding Champagne.  Cheers!


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