Charles Baker Riesling 2019 in a Can!

Charles Baker Riesling 2019 (ON $27.60 4 pack)

Charles Baker Riesling 2019
Charles Baker Riesling 2019

Once in a blue moon, you just want a single serving of wine, it’s true but that’s exactly when gems like this Charles Baker Riesling come in handy.

In association with Stratus, this Riesling is everything you want on a hot summer day it’s crisp, high acid and low alcohol; plus the “single serving” nets out to 2 glasses.

I got notes of green apples, honeydew, blossoms, petrol, and hay and while it was simple, it had enough depth to satisfy the wino in me.

All in all, I’m super impressed with this canned wine, in fact, if this was served to me in a glass, I think I’d be hard-pressed to even know it came from a can!

I totally recommend this wine. It would be perfect for not only outdoor hangs, but also with anything you’d normally pair a Riesling with (i.e. Thai food, Indian food, life in general, if you catch my drift).

Rating: 4 stars

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Author: Anita Dorion