Try Mayne Island Brewing Co. Pacific Gose to Help Support Tahlequah the Orca

To help support our orcas, the POD PACK 2021, 4 craft beers from 4 Vancouver Island breweries are produced, with a portion of sales going Pacific Salmon Foundation to support wild BC salmon stocks, a food source for orcas. Today I opened the Mayne Island Brewing Co Pacific Gose for Tahlequah the orca. This is the last of the 4 craft beers in the Pod Pack.

Who is Tahlequah?

J35 Tahlequah (Image courtesy
J35 Tahlequah (Image courtesy

Tahlequah is one of Princess Angeline’s (J-17) offspring. Tahlequah’s two living siblings are her brother, Moby (J-44), and her sister, Kiki (J-53). Tahlequah is mother to Notch (J-47) who was born in 2010. Her niece, Star (J-46), is three months older than Notch. With the loss of her mother in 2019, Tahlequah has four family members in her charge. Tragically, Tahlequah brought world-wide recognition to the plight of the Southern Residents in July 2018 when she carried her deceased calf (Ti-Tahlequah) for 17 days.  Joyfully, Tahlequah gave birth to her third calf, Phoenix (J-57) in September 2020.  It is hoped Phoenix will grow to be healthy and strong.” (Adopt J-35 Tahlequah)

Mayne Island Brewing Co Pacific Gose 

I have not had a Gose before but read it is similar to a Saison, which I enjoy. The Mayne Island Brewing Co Pacific Gose has a light body, dry, light citrus, little hoppiness. Some saltiness. Light bubble. Cloudy with visible sediment at the last pour into my glass. I very easily finished the can, so I liked it a lot.

I tried this beer with Memphis Blues BBQ smoked beef brisket with all the fixings. The citrus and bubble of the Gose paired nicely with the texture of the brisket and the deep smoky intensity of the bbq sauce. Give it a try.

Mayne Island Brewing Co Pacific Gose and BBQ Pairing from Memphis Blues BBQ
Mayne Island Brewing Co Pacific Gose and BBQ Pairing from Memphis Blues BBQ

You can order the Pod Pack at this link:

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