A Quick Review: Run Rafa Run Arién and Tempranillo from Spain

Today I’m reviewing the value wine category with the Run Rafa Run wines from Spain.  Both of these wines are under $12 a bottle in BC.  The label is playful with a bull chasing a man with a red scarf, Rafa, during the Running of the Bulls.  I’m not sure that these wines will give you the machismo to do this in real life, but you can talk about it over a glass of either wine.

My Tasting Notes

Run Rafa Run Tempranillo 2018 (BC ~$11.89) – coming from the hot Castilla/La Mancha region of Spain, I was expecting a heavier more extracted red wine.  Checking the weather for example, the next week will have day time temperatures varying between 31-37 degree Celsius.  But I was wrong.  This is a very light red wine, which is terrific.  It has a lighter mix of ruby and garnet that is translucent to the core.  Light intensity aromas of red fruit, floral, red currants, sweet spices, some tobacco/leather and Old World oak.  With decanting the wine loses some of its floral character on the nose. This wine is dry with a medium minus body and medium intensity flavour.  There are very little tannins in this wine; it is driven mainly by it’s medium level of acidity.  You get floral, red fruit,  red plums, and a touch of Old world oak flavours.  It is quite smooth and has a light mouthfeel.  Also I picked up some minerality.  Flavours stay the same after decanting. A nice light wine.

Rating: 4 stars An nice light red wine with red fruit, floral, sweet spices and tobacco/leather aromas.  It is dry with a light mouthfeel. Red fruit, floral and a touch of Old World oak on the palate.

Run Rafa Run Airén 2018 (BC ~$11.89) – Airén is a Spanish grape that accounts for almost a third of all plantings in that country. This wine has a medium minus intensity bright clear lemon colour.  It has a medium intensity nose showing lees, citrus and peach.  With decanting you get primarily citrus aromas. It is off dry, medium plus body.  It’s smooth and round with a light mouthfeel.  Mainly citrus flavour with a touch of peach and citrus pith on the palate that continues to the finish. Same flavours with decanting.  Just open and enjoy.

Rating: 3.5 stars A straight forward white wine with primarily citrus aromas and flavours, along with lesser amounts of pith and peach.
Run Rafa Run Airén and Tempranillo 2018 with wines in glasses
Run Rafa Run Airén and Tempranillo 2018 with wines in glasses

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

These wines are only available at private wine shops, so you need to ask. I don’t have a list of shops yet, but when I do get one, I will post it here.
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