Quick Review: Osoyoos Larose Petales d’Osoyoos 2016

Osoyoos Larose logoThe Osoyoos Larose Petales d’Osoyoos 2016 is a Right-Bank Bordeaux blend, primarily Merlot with lesser amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Malbec produced by the Osoyoos LaRose winery in the south Okanagan.  I do not have the percentages for the 2016 vintage, but for the previous vintage 2015, 76% of the blend was Merlot. The wine is aged for 16 months in French casks.  This is their approachable, to be enjoyed now or within a few years, red blend.  Their other wine, Le Grand Vin, is their top-tier red Bordeaux blend that can age many more years.  For most of us, we prefer instant or near-instant gratification, and the Petales d’Osoyoos fits the bill.

The winery is a joint venture between Groupe Taillan of Bordeaux, France and Constellation Brands Canada.  The rootstock and clones for their vineyard here are prepared in Bordeaux and shipped to Canada where they are planted in high density to ensure superior fruit quality (according to the French experience).

My Review of Osoyoos Larose Petales d’Osoyoos 2016

Osoyoos Larose Petales d'Osoyoos 2016 with wine in glass
Osoyoos Larose Petales d’Osoyoos 2016 with wine in glass

This wine is about 99% opaque black garnet in colour. It was solid in colour almost to the rim. It has a medium intensity developing nose showing leather, ripe black fruits, rich cassis, sweet spices and oak. I also picked up a hint of floral which I think comes from the Petit Verdot grape. With extended decanting the leather component decreases, the ripe black fruit aromas increased and I also enjoyed vanilla on the nose.

The wine is dry with medium-plus body, it’s semi-round with almost a plush mouthfeel. The mouthfeel gets lighter toward the finish. Flavours of ripe cassis primarily, along with lesser amounts of ripe black fruits and raspberries.  A hint of floral.  The wine also has a pepperiness to it that you feel on the tongue. Also some oak and light vanilla. Again with extended decanting (48 hrs) the pepperiness of this wine decreased while cedar and leather began to show. I would not say that the fruits on the palate are bright and juicy, but are fruity and intense.

The tannins in this wine are fine and light to start but get firmer towards the finish. The wine finishes with cassis and black fruit flavours along with pepperiness and oak which tends to dry out your mouth. I also picked up a touch of nutmeg on and the finish.  The tannins after 24 hrs became chalky and showed up consistent from sip to finish.  After a further 24 hours, the chalky tannins softened further.  I quite enjoyed this wine upon first opening and then 48 hours after opening.  Please note that during the decant, the wine was in a temperature-controlled wine cabinet and had a lid on the decanter.

Rating: 4 stars4.5 stars A very deep brooding intense black-fruited wine. Enjoy it upon first opening or after 48 hours of decanting.

Where Can I Purchase This Wine?

I did not see a link on their website where you can purchase their wines, but it is available through BC government and private shops. Everything Wine, BC Liquor Stores, and Marquis Wine Cellars are a few places to buy.


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