Atkinson’s: A Journey of the Senses, RIEDEL Wine Tasting Event

Have you ever tried tasting wines from differently shaped glasses?  There is a difference in aroma intensity and flavour.  RIEDEL in association with Atkinson’s is having a special wine tasting event where you can sample some wines using a new line of wine glasses.  As a bonus, you get to take 4 glasses home with you.  The details of the tasting, pricing, and how to register are below.  Enjoy.


VANCOUVER, B.C., September 5th – Atkinson’s, in partnership with Riedel is proud to present a special one-night tasting event to launch their new Performance series glassware. Does the shape of a glass influence our perception of wine? Can the shape impact our enjoyment of different grape varietals?
Join Riedel Representative Alysha Harker as she guides you through a tasting experience like no other. You will explore wine varietals and how the glass shape can transform your tasting experience.  Performance by RIEDEL is the result of three generations of research, development and experience in creating functional grape varietal specific glassware.
Riedel’s newest line of stemware, Performance, is available exclusively in Vancouver at Atkinson’s. These new glasses are beautiful, functional, and make your wine taste even better.  The range is comprised of varietal specific glasses with tall graceful stems and extra fine, laser polished rims.  They’re modern with a twist of an optic, rippling effect on the inside of the bowl of the wine glass.  These optic waves are designed to increase the surface area of the bowl by 8% to 10%, which increases the fullest flavour and aroma.  By opening up the wine with the increased surface area, these glasses highlight more subtle earthy flavours that are often overwhelmed by sweet, fruity notes.
This series includes seven glasses:  Cabernet, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay, Champagne and spirits.


TICKETS: $99 per person. *includes a Riedel Performance tasting set (4 glasses), yours to keep after the tasting (Value $128)
Tickets are available online or please call 604.736.3378