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Bodegas Vivanco

Vivanco winery entrance
Vivanco winery entrance

Vivanco Winery is located in Briones, a privileged enclave in La Rioja Alta, on the foothills of the Sierra de Cantabria and on the banks of the River Ebro in Spain. It is an area with a mild microclimate and extraordinary chalky-clay soils.

Around the winery we find the Finca El Cantillo, whose name comes from the large number of boulders found on the ground. Tempranillo is the fundamental variety, but not the only one. In this vineyard we can also find other grape varieties that we use in our wines: Graciano, Garnacha, Mazuelo, Viura, Malvasía, etc.

The underground winery is functional and aesthetically pleasing. It was built underground in order to remove as little as possible of the vineyard surface area and to minimize the environmental impact in favour of preserving the landscape. By building the winery underground, was also achieved the right temperature and moisture —naturally balanced throughout the year— essential for properly preserving and ageing wine in oak barrels or vats.

The viti-vinicultural and pioneering spirit of Rafael Vivanco is reflected both in his wines and in the experiments and research he carries out with different growing and winemaking methods, in the use of minority grape varieties and in wood ageing in oak from different provenances.

A Family and a Passion

Vivanco family
Vivanco family

The history of our family has always been linked to wine. Well, not since always. We can say that all this dream of four generations began 100 years ago, when our great-grandfather, Pedro Vivanco González, began to produce the grapes from a small vineyard that had the family in Alberite (La Rioja). Not was easy produce wine in those times for a small winemaker. And less to sell it. Technical resources did not exist and the illusion hiding all that reality was clear. They were difficult, but also crucial times.

Our grandfather Santiago continued with that small business that my great-grandfather had started. Our grandfather was very hardworking, but we have always said that it was our grandmother and his wife, Felisa Paracuellos, which encouraged him to prosper. She started it all somehow. Primarily by spirit and decision-making capacity. She was encouraged that our father, Pedro Vivanco Paracuellos, to study. And she was that fed the flame of the Wine Culture that was gradually spreading by the family.

What about our father. A man humble, close, conciliator, that began with 14 years handing out came with a bike by all Logroño. Then he climbed onto the truck and toured throughout La Rioja and its surrounding provinces. Between curbs and travel he loved wine. And decided that if I was not studying not it could devote to his passion. Went to Requena. He studied oenology. He traveled the world. And he began to collect all kinds of objects related to the wine. Out of respect. For pure devotion and enthusiasm. The business grew. We bought some vineyards, we started to bottling, to raise barrels to thrive…

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