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Pod Pack

A Saison and a Helles Bock from the Vancouver Island Pod Pack for Orcas and Salmon

 mywinepal  June 2, 2021

Have you ever seen a pod of Orcas?  How about a pod of Orcas in a 4 pack? The Pod Pack The Pod Pack is a selection of 4 beers made especially to support the Pacific Salmon Foundation.  Pod Pack is a collaboration between local island breweries with the objective of helping to preserve our coastal wildlife (orcas and salmon)….

Vancouver Island Brewing Pod Pack

Buy Beer, Save the Whales: Vancouver Island Brewing’s Pod Pack Launches for 2021

 mywinepal  May 10, 2021

What do beer and orcas have in common? The Pacific Salmon Foundation.  Salmon are a food source for our resident orcas.  From now into early summer Vancouver Island Brewing is partnering with the Pacific Salmon Foundation to offer a special beer pack, the “Pod Pack”, where a portion of the funds will go to support the Foundation, which will then…