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Dr Loosen Bernkasteler Lay Riesling Kabinett 2019 wine label

Eins, Zwei, Try to Answer This German Wine Label Quiz

 mywinepal  December 16, 2023

Delving into the terms on German wine labels is a key endeavour for anyone eager to explore the diverse and nuanced world of German wines. German wine labels are replete with terms that provide invaluable insights into the origin, grape variety, and style of the wine. Familiarity with designations such as Qualitätswein, Prädikatswein, Trocken, and Auslese is paramount for making…

Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages AOC label

Demystifying French Wine Labels

 mywinepal  December 8, 2023

Embarking on a journey through the world of French wine is a delightful experience, but deciphering the terms on a wine label can be a daunting task. French wines are not only celebrated for their exquisite flavours but also for the intricate classification systems that define their origin and quality. Let me unravel the mystique behind some key terms found…