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Rust Wine Co 3 Syrahs 2017

3 Rockin’ Syrah 2017 from Rust Wine Co

 mywinepal  May 10, 2020

If you read my earlier article about 2 whites and a rose wine from Rust Wine Co, you would have seen the back label for these wine bottles.  They have very detailed information on the grape clone(s) used, the vineyard and its geographic location, the soil type(s) in the vineyard, picking date, how the must was fermented (e.g. stainless steel),…

The School of Cool tasting sheet

The School of Cool: Soil Smackdown at i4C

 mywinepal  August 7, 2017

Vines grow in soil.  The roots reach deep and bring in water and nutrients.  Soil matters, but how much, and is there a best soil type for Chardonnay? Are there particular flavours and aromas that can be associated with different soil types? This School of Cool seminar at the i4C, has set out to discuss, but not necessarily definitively answer…

BC Pinot Noir vineyard locations coloured by soil type

Getting Back to the Soil with BC Pinot Noir

 mywinepal  October 10, 2016

From my initial analysis of soil type with the vineyards associated with my BC Pinot Noir tasting notes using a Geographic Information System, I can see some regional clusters in BC.  I also see some commonality between the most common Pinot Noir vineyard soil types and the most common Riesling vineyard soil types that I analyzed last year from my BC Riesling Review . Soil…

Pinot Noir aromas and flavours

Identifying What is Pinot Noir and What is Not

 mywinepal  August 9, 2016

What flavours and aromas can be attributed to the Pinot Noir grape, what are not?  The next step in the BC Pinot Noir Review is to build a database that contains the aromas and flavours I detected in each wine through the tasting notes, but I need to separate out the aromas and flavours that are not from the Pinot Noir grape.  What…

20km grid with BC Riesling vineyard locations grid

BC Riesling Review – Give Me Some Latitude

 mywinepal  October 15, 2015

BC is a cool climate region, but we all know as we travel from South Okanagan northward, the climate does cool down, and that there are preferences for growing warmer climate grapes further south, and more aromatic whites further north.  From the BC Riesling Review, we see that Riesling is grown in the Okanagan Valley from the border up past…

A soil pit at Okanagan Crush Pad

BC Riesling Review – Let’s Talk About Soil

 mywinepal  October 7, 2015  2 Comments on BC Riesling Review – Let’s Talk About Soil

What is Soil? Isn’t that a strange question?  We walk on it, build things on it, grow vegetables in it, but what is soil? Soil is a very important part of the BC Riesling Review as this is where the nutrients for the Riesling grapes come from.  I will try to keep this article interesting without being too dry and…