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MyWinePal Top 4.5-5 Star Wines

MyWinePal’s Top 4.5 – 5 Star and 5 Star Wines for 2023

 mywinepal  December 14, 2023

This year I had many terrific wines to taste and review.  Wines that I rate as 5 star I deem as needing nothing to add or subtract.  They are perfect as-is.  I had one wine that reached that status this year so instead of making a separate article for that wine, I am including it in this article.  My 4.5-5…

MyWinePal Top 4.5-5 Star Wines

MyWinePal’s Near Perfect 4.5-5 Star Wines for 2022

 mywinepal  December 16, 2022

Twenty-five wines coming from BC and around the world made it to my near-perfect – star category this year.  I’ve arranged these fantastic wines into BC wines followed by wines from the rest of the world.  Italian wine showed up prominently with my near-perfect wine scores.  Chardonnay showed prominently as well, primarily from BC. You should still be able to…

Canadian flag

A Few Canada Day Wine Suggestions

 mywinepal  July 1, 2022

The Canada Day long weekend celebration is on with picnics and bbqs and generally getting together with friends and family.  Enjoying this scene with BC wine would make it even better in my opinion.  Below is a list of BC wines I tasted recently that I think would be nice to have this long weekend.  Enjoy. A Few Suggested BC…

Stag's Hollow Winery canned wines ready to go

Stag’s Hollow Offers Their Rosé and Muscat Frizzante 2021 in Cans

 mywinepal  May 10, 2022

Summer is coming, although it may not feel like that at the moment.  Many of you will flock to a beach or park and enjoy wine in a glass or an insulated glass as I showed in my picture.  Canned wines seem to be the go-to beverage to take on these outings, and many BC wineries are canning their VQA…

Valley Commons 2020 Harvest Table Wine

Quick Review: Valley Commons 2020 Harvest Table Wine

 mywinepal  December 28, 2021

How would you like a fresh white sipping wine that reminds you of ripe fruits from the Okanagan and elsewhere? I have that for you with Valley Commons 2020 Harvest Table Wine. A blend of 56% Muscat, 22% Viognier, and 22% Chardonnay grapes. I can see this wine being enjoyed with some soft cheeses and bread with friends. I also…

Gerard Bertrand Orange Gold 2020 and An 806 AOP Corbieres 2017

Gerard Bertrand Orange Gold 2020 and An 806 AOP Corbieres 2017 Finesse in a Glass

 mywinepal  December 4, 2021

I have two interesting finesse wines from Gerard Bertrand from the sunny south of France.  Gerard Bertrand’s Orange Gold 2020 is an organic wine made with a blend of Chardonnay, Grenache Blanc, Viognier, Marsanne, Mauzac, Muscat, and Clairette with skin contact.  The other wine is the Gerard Bertrand An 806 AOP Corbieres 2017 a Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre red blend.  One…

Leaning Post Wines Petillant Naturel 2020

Leaning Post Wines Petillant Naturel 2020

 Anita Dorion  July 17, 2021

Leaning Post Wines Petillant Naturel 2020 (ON $25) Pét Nats can be a hit or a miss, but here’s my trick to enjoying them almost every time… If your mind is thinking “I want wine”, then maybe don’t reach for a Pét Nat.  If your mind is thinking “I want a beer, maybe a sour, something refreshing”, this is your…

Modest Wines the elder vicar 2019 and no. 4 orange 2020

Have You Tried Skin Contact White Wines from Modest Wines?

 mywinepal  June 23, 2021

Do you like white wines with skin contact? These “natural” style wines are becoming more common. I have two wines from Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery and their Modest Wines line. One is “the elder vicar 2019” which is a blend of Muscat, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, and Riesling co-fermented, while the other is “no. 4 orange 2020” from Pinot Gris grapes…

Summerhill Pyramid Winery Estate Grown Biodynamic Muscat and Chardonnay 2020

2 Inaugural Biodynamic White Wines from Summerhill Pyramid Winery

 mywinepal  April 18, 2021

After interviewing Ezra Cipes from Summerhill Pyramid Winery about the inaugural release of their Biodynamic 2020 Muscat and Chardonnay wines, I was very excited to receive these wines to taste and review for you. The grapes come from their estate vineyard and their biodynamic wines are also aged in the pyramid at the winery.  I can tell you that the…

Church & State Wines Sparkling Pinot Gris and Frizzante Muscat 2017

September is Sparkling with Church & State Wines

 mywinepal  September 5, 2020

Summer is winding down, unfortunately. But sparkling wine can be enjoyed year round.  It does feel nicer though when you are outside on your patio enjoying sparkling wine with family or friends.  Here are two tasty sparkling wines from Church & State Wines, located on Vancouver Island. My Tasting Notes Church & State Wines Sparkling Pinot Gris 2017 (BC $25.29)…