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Spearhead Winery award winning wines

Tasting Pinots at Spearhead Winery

 mywinepal  September 22, 2022

Do you love Pinot Noir and Chardonnay?  If you have not tried the wines from Spearhead Winery in Kelowna, you should.  Top quality award-winning wines.  I stopped by the winery to have a casual tasting outside.  I went through their four Pinot Noirs, one Pinot Gris, and two Riesling.  No Chardonnay today, but I recently reviewed both wines on mywinepal.com…

Traditional Thanksgiving

A Few BC Wines for COVID Thanksgiving 2021

 mywinepal  October 8, 2021

Canadian Thanksgiving 2021 is going to be very different this year for many of us who are accustomed to getting together with our parents, brothers and sister, and maybe aunts and uncles for dinner. Just like Thanksgiving 2020, but now that many of us have been vaccinated we can open our bubble a little.  I’ve checked through my BC wine…

Gratitude Red by JAK's 2019 wine label

Gratitude Red by JAK’s 2019 and Banger Sausage Pairing

 mywinepal  June 19, 2021

More gratitude to hand out today to all the winemakers around the world. You make wines so that we can enjoy them with friends and family. With COVID restrictions lifting we can now do this safely in person. I have a bottle of Gratitude Red 2019 by JAK’s, made by Okanagan Crush Pad, from a blend of Merlot and lesser…

Quick Reviews: Moraine Pinot Noir 2018 and Synchromesh Riesling 2019

 mywinepal  October 10, 2020

Pinot Noir and Riesling are probably my favourite red and white grapes respectively.  Both are very transparent to their terroir.  Pinot Noir shows different aromas and flavours with the growing season weather for the year, and can be made as a still wine or into sparkling wine, e.g. Champagne.  Riesling can be made anywhere from bone dry to very sweet…

JAK's and Okanagan Crush Pad's gratitude wines

Getting Gratitude from JAK’s and Okanagan Crush Pad

 mywinepal  April 24, 2020

With these challenging times, it is good to be able to take some time to be grateful for those people around us and the country we live in.  I am grateful that all my family and friends are symptom-free and are staying safe in their homes.  I am grateful that I am able to work at home to educate my…