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Ontario wines for gifts

Why Canadian Red Wines Are the Perfect Choice for Your Next GiftSponsored 

 mywinepal  March 11, 2024

When it comes to selecting the ideal gift for a party or special occasion, Canadian red wines stand out as a delightful choice that combines quality, versatility, and a touch of patriotism. With our unique characteristics shaped by cooler climates and a growing appreciation for local produce, Canadian red wines offer an exceptional experience that’s worth sharing. Here’s why Canadian…

Flat Rock Cellars Twisted Red 2019

Flat Rock Cellars Twisted Red 2019

 Anita Dorion  July 30, 2021

Flat Rock Cellars Twisted Red 2019 (ON $26.50) Happy Friday of a Canadian long weekend! Who wants to get Twisted with a gorgeous red blend from Flat Rock Cellars? Last week I shared the incredible sustainability practices that Flat Rock has in place, so let’s just focus on the wine for this one. I’m a sucker for a good red,…

Flat Rock Cellars Nadja’s Riesling 2018

 Anita Dorion  July 23, 2021

Flat Rock Cellars Nadja’s Riesling 2018 (ON $25.15) Another beauty from the Beamsville area to share with everyone today – this time, we’re going to Flat Rock Cellars for Nadja’s Riesling 2018. Before we dive into the wine, I wanted to share some fun facts about the winery. They are only 1 of 5 wineries in Ontario that are Certified…

Flat Rock Cellars Riesling 2018

Flat Rock Cellars Riesling 2018

 Anita Dorion  July 6, 2021

Flat Rock Cellars Riesling 2018 (ON $16.15 on sale) There are fewer dinners more delightful than Thai and Riesling, am I right? Now, I usually go for German Rieslings when it comes to spicy food pairings, but seeing as how I recently polished off the last of my case of Weingut Gunderloch, I reached for something local to pair with…

Ontario wineries interviewed for 2018 harvest

3 Ontario Winemakers Talk about the 2018 Harvest

 mywinepal  November 30, 2018

For the past few years, I have been covering the BC harvest by interviewing winemakers and finding out how the weather affected this year, what they may be doing new, and other tidbits of information.  But I had not interviewed Ontario winemakers, to find out about their harvest, until today.  I used basically the same questions to the BC and…

Trans Canada Tasting at #VIWF

VanWineFest 2017 – Trans Canada Tasting

 mywinepal  March 3, 2017

Did you know that there are 671 wineries in Canada, as of Feb 2017?  There are 276 wineries in BC.  There is grape wine being produced in BC, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.  As part of the Vancouver International Wine Festival, wineries from across Canada were invited to attend, and to celebrate our 150th birthday as a country.  Bringing together…

Canada on the World Map with wine glasses

Canada is Cool – Visit Canada at the Vancouver International Wine Fest 2017

 mywinepal  December 16, 2016

In the wine world, cool climate areas are making exciting wines.  Canada is viewed as cool climate, and I was wondering where we fall in the extreme north or south latitudes compared to other cool climate regions.  Here is what I found through a search on the web: Argentina‘s Patagonia wine region extends between 33.3° and 33.8° South. Osorno Valley…