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Flight of Charles Smith Wines bottles

Rock & Roll at VanWineFest with Charles Smith Wines

 mywinepal  February 19, 2018

The Vancouver International Wine Festival 2018 is almost here, and the theme countries are Spain and Portugal, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the other wineries from around the world visiting us.  Some are even next-door.  Take for example Charles Smith Wines from Walla Walla, Washington. Who is Charles Smith? Charles Smith is known as the “rock star” of…


My Wine Suggestions for the Holidays 2013

 mywinepal  November 28, 2013  1 Comment on My Wine Suggestions for the Holidays 2013

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to try many wines from around the world, in many different styles.  Out of my recommendations from the year, here are my picks that I think will make the holiday season more festive.  I tried to pick wines from most price points and all corners of the world. I also only picked…

The Taste of Tulalip Grand Taste 2012 with Wine and Beer

 mywinepal  November 24, 2012

The big event IMHO for the Taste of Tulalip is the “Grand Taste“.  Big it is, with a tasting room featuring wines from 75 Washington State wineries, as well as additional wineries from California, Oregon, Italy, and France.  I did not do a final count, but I would guess there were about 150 wineries present at the Grand Taste.  With…

The Grand Taste at Taste of Tulalip. Many New Wines to Try.

 mywinepal  November 26, 2011

The Grand Taste is the last, and biggest event for the Taste of Tulalip.  I was amazed when I saw how long the line up was for people to enter this event.  If you’ve been to the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival, this lineup was at least that long or longer.  Represented at the Grand Taste were 66 WA wineries,…