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Moet & Chandon champagne on ice

About Champagne and 15 Champagne Cocktails

 mywinepal  February 18, 2023

What do you know about Champagne, other than its bubbles and high quality?  Do you know where the Champagne region is located in France? How the 360 Champagne Houses and 16,100 growers get the bubbles in the bottle?  Which grapes are permitted to make Champagne? Or that 297.6 million bottles of Champagne were shipped around the world in 2019?  Let…

2019 Trialto Portfolio tasting

A Few Wine Gems from the Trialto Portfolio Tasting

 mywinepal  September 24, 2019

Wine agencies attend various trade events where they show their wines alongside other agencies.  But to be able to better tell their story about these wines these agencies usually have a portfolio tasting once a year where various winery principals from around the world are invited to attend to tell us their wine story.  I was fortunate to attend the…

Joshua Carlson ready to offer a glass of Champagne at TWB The Wine Bar

Need a Sparkling Wine Fix? Try TWB The Wine Bar!

 mywinepal  May 9, 2017

Sparkling wine is always fun to drink; and even better enjoyed with friends or family.  But sometimes you don’t want to open an entire bottle, or maybe you want to try a few different types of bubbles; prosecco and cremant perhaps?  Or how about an expensive bottle of Cristal and live like a rock star?  Whatever your reasons, I have…