Winemaker's CUT BOHO Beat and Zen and Bohemian Cuvee rouge wine

BOHO and Bohemian Wines from Winemaker’s CUT For You

 mywinepal  May 25, 2020

I have 3 “Bohemian” wines for you from Winemaker’s CUT in the south Okanagan to tell you about.  Have you ever tried Lambrusco wine?  One of the BOHO wines by Winemaker’s CUT reminds me of it.  BOHO wines are a naturally made wine style that use wild an organic yeast to ferment these wines.  Winemaker’s CUT makes 2 BOHO wines;…

Winemaker's CUT wines

Winemaker’s CUT Estate and Heritage Wines Latest Releases

 mywinepal  May 17, 2020

I have been enjoying tasting and writing about Winemaker’s CUT Estate Winery‘s wines since they first released their wines. Owners Michal and Martina Mosny undertake sustainable farming, hand harvest their grapes, adhere to zero pesticides, low sulphur use, and let the wines develop naturally to express the characteristics indicative of their Deadman Lake Vineyard.  Big news is that Winemaker’s CUT Estate Winery…