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Cheese plate with wines

Welcome National Cheese Day on June 4 Plus Some Wine Pairings

 mywinepal  June 1, 2023

Let’s welcome National Cheese Day happening on June 4, a celebration of one of the most beloved and diverse food items around the world. On this special day, cheese enthusiasts come together to honour the rich history and flavours of this delectable dairy product. Dating back thousands of years, cheese-making techniques have evolved and given rise to countless varieties, each…

Pairing 5 Wines from Upper Bench Winery with Blue Cheese

 mywinepal  March 21, 2017

Did you know that Upper Bench Estate Winery in Penticton, BC also makes their own cheese?  A match made for any wine lover.  I knew, but hadn’t had the chance to try their cheese together with their wines. I was fortunate to have them send me some of their King Cole Blue cheese, which I dutifully tried with each one…