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Pinot Noir aromas and flavours

Identifying What is Pinot Noir and What is Not

 mywinepal  August 9, 2016

What flavours and aromas can be attributed to the Pinot Noir grape, what are not?  The next step in the BC Pinot Noir Review is to build a database that contains the aromas and flavours I detected in each wine through the tasting notes, but I need to separate out the aromas and flavours that are not from the Pinot Noir grape.  What…

CedarCreek, Burrowing Owl Pinot Noir wines

2nd Round of BC Pinot Noir Wines Reviewed

 mywinepal  July 21, 2016

As you can see below, Sam @Sam_WineTeacher and I have been busy tasting more of the BC Pinot Noirs that have been graciously donated by our BC wineries.  We should have one more lot of wines to review and write about in a following article, after which the analysis of the wines’ aroma and flavour characteristics, and its association with soil and…