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Bodega Garzón – More Than Tannat From Uruguay

 mywinepal  March 8, 2017

When someone mentions wine from Uruguay, there is usually one of two responses: I don’t like Tannat, it’s too tannic, Uruguay makes wine? Bodega Garzón  from Uruguay hopes to wipe out both of these responses by bringing their wines to you to enjoy.  And that is what they did recently for me and a group of other wine trade people in…

OCP organic vineyard

The Road to Organic for Okanagan Crush Pad

 mywinepal  August 18, 2015

I first met owners Chrstine Coletta and Steve Lornie in May 2011, when they were unveiling the concrete eggs they acquired to ferment a line of their wines at Okanagan Crush Pad (OCP). Jump forward 4 years, and you will see that they have followed a long, slightly windy road, that has brought them to where they are today; celebrating…

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Singing a Unique Song about Wine?

 mywinepal  December 20, 2013

Do you like a consistent quality wine with classic flavours and aromas?  Should it matter if the Cabernet Sauvignon you drink comes from Napa Valley or Stellenbosch, South Africa? Should the terroir; the soil, microbes, worms, indigenous yeasts, plus the sunshine and rain help to make unique wines to celebrate, or should they be fixed by the wine maker to…

Growing Wineries with Okanagan Crush Pad

 mywinepal  June 24, 2012  1 Comment on Growing Wineries with Okanagan Crush Pad

Okanagan Crush Pad (OCP) in Summerland, BC, has not yet been around for a year, but has already has an impressive list of up and coming wineries using their custom wine making services. On a recent Media trip to visit OCP, we were introduced to their winery clients, and learned more about OCP’s vineyard and wine making philosophies.  One of…

Okanagan Crush Pad – Raised in Concrete

 mywinepal  May 8, 2011  1 Comment on Okanagan Crush Pad – Raised in Concrete

This week I was invited to some major announcements from Okanagan Crush Pad. OCP was established in 2010 by Christine Coletta and Steve Lornie. The Crush Pad is located on Switchback Road in Summerland, BC. Their head wine maker is Mr. Michael Bartier. Mr. Alberto Antonini is their consulting viticulturist and wine maker from Italy, and David Scholefield is their…