MyWinePal In Alsace 2008

 mywinepal  September 25, 2010

Alsace, located in eastern France, has a long history of wine making. The Rhine River flows through the Alsace region and the wine trade from the 12th to the 16th century was almost monopolized by Strasbourg and Cologne as the Mediterranean region was controlled by the Arabian people who shut off the wine trade by controlling access to the Straits…

MyWinePal In Champagne 2008

 mywinepal  September 25, 2010

Saturday, I took the TGV high speed train to Reims (pronounced “Rance”) to see some of the famous champagne houses in the region. The scenery was a blur at 200+ km/hr on the TGV. It was quite foggy on route to Reims as well as started to rain. I did not think that this would be a very good day…

MyWinePal Tours Sonoma and Napa 2008

 mywinepal  September 25, 2010

In April 2008, MyWinePal was able to spend almost a week touring Sonoma and Napa Valleys. The weather was unusually warm; almost 20 degrees Farenheit above the normal temperature. Workers were in the fields actively managing the trellising. Some of the wineries,and brief notes on the wineries follow. The first visits were at J Vineyards and Rodney Strong in Healdsburg….

California Wine Fair 2008

 mywinepal  September 25, 2010

The California Wine Fair visited Vancouver on April 2. There was a wide range of wines from cheap and cheerful, up to collectible wines for special occasions to sample. There were at least 120 different wineries, each with several wines to sample. Just not enough time to visit them all! A few personal observations. I noticed many good quality bottles…

Featured Winery – Meyer Family Vineyards

 mywinepal  September 25, 2010  1 Comment on Featured Winery – Meyer Family Vineyards

2006 saw the start of a new winery in the Okanagan – Meyer Family Vineyards. A small 3.1acre vineyard on the Naramata Bench was purchased by JAK Meyer and his wife Janice Stevens which contained 10 year old Chardonnay vines. Their goal is to produce some of the best single vineyard Chardonnay in Canada. To do this they enlisted experts…

Featured Event – MyWinePal Visits the Wineries of the Fraser Valley- Part 2

 mywinepal  September 24, 2010

As promised this is Part 2 of my trip to visit some of the wineries in the Fraser Valley. On this trip I visited Lotusland, Blackwood Lane, and Mt. Lehman wineries. The first winery visited was Lotusland Winery. This winery produces wines from grapes that are 100% grown in the Fraser Valley. The grapes are grown organically, but not yet…