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The Hidden Vineyards of Paris by Geoffrey Finch

Book Review: The Hidden Vineyards of Paris by Geoffrey Finch

 mywinepal  April 14, 2024  0 Comments on Book Review: The Hidden Vineyards of Paris by Geoffrey Finch

Geoffrey Finch, a Canadian born in Victoria, moved to Paris and has been sharing his passion for wine and gastronomy in France for over 40 years.  He operates a series of historic walks through Paris’s vineyards, both visible and open to the public, those closed to the public, and some open only for special occasions.  His love of wine led…

Township 7 Benchmark Series Fool's Gold Vineyard Viognier 2021 and Blasted Church Vineyards Viognier 2022 labels

Never Open Just One Bottle of Wine

 mywinepal  January 15, 2024  1 Comment on Never Open Just One Bottle of Wine

I recommend opening two bottles of wine at the same time, not so that you have to finish both bottles in one sitting. Rather so that you can compare the two wines. What do you like about one wine more than another? What are the differences in their aromas and flavours?  Don’t open the first bottle, finish it, then open the…

Vintage Crime: A Short History of Wine Fraud by Rebecca Gibb

Book Review: Vintage Crime by Rebecca GibbPR SAMPLE 

 mywinepal  January 4, 2024

Rebecca Gibb is a Master of Wine and an award-winning wine journalist, who spends her knowledge of wine and researching for writing to educate us on the history of wine tampering from Roman times to the present.  Her newest book is “Vintage Crime: A Short History of Wine Fraud“, which could be a historical thriller set in Europe in the…

The Wine List

Book Review: The Wine List by Grant Reynolds

 mywinepal  October 20, 2023

Grant Reynolds is a sommelier in the USA who worked for top restaurants that cared about the wines they served.  This helped push Grant to travel to Europe to meet with winemakers and learn more about exceptional wines. Grant’s “The Wine List” is his accounting of what he asserts are the most remarkable vintages of wines going back to the…

Wine Trails by Lonely Planet

Book Review: Wine Trails by Lonely Planet

 mywinepal  April 28, 2023

If you are a wine lover like me, you probably like to go on vacation to areas that grow grapes and make wine.  Lonely Planet has produced the second edition of their Wine Trails book where they outline 52 perfect weekend trips in different wine regions around the world.  The book does not go into depth for the different wine…

How To Taste by Mandy Naglich

Book Review: How To Taste by Mandy Naglich

 mywinepal  April 3, 2023

Mandy Naglich is an Advanced Cicerone & Certified Taster and wants you to learn how to really taste your food and drink.  Her journey to learning about tasting happened through being a brewmaster and Cicerone which then spread to everything else that you can eat and/or drink.  I think many people that review food or beverages start in one category…

The Unofficial Big Lebowski Cocktail Book

Book Review: The Unofficial Big Lebowski Cocktail Book

 mywinepal  February 20, 2023

Having an adult beverage while bowling is common, although many people you will see may have a beer.  But in some cases, you may see a cocktail.  In part we have cocktail culture expanding everywhere, but I hope we see cocktails spread into the bowling alleys, thanks to the movie, The Big Lebowski, and now this book, The Unofficial Big…

New Mocktails Bible

A Request for Mocktails for Diabetics and Others in Canadian Restaurants

 mywinepal  October 13, 2022

I recently noticed the book, “New Mocktails Bible” by Editors of Fox Chapel Publishing and decided to read and review it for you.  Hopefully, this book will find its way into many mixologists’ libraries of drinks.   I drink wine, beer, and alcohol-based cocktails, but sometimes I am with other people that don’t for various reasons, such as diabetics, athletes in…

The Wine Bible 3rd edition

Book Review: Wine Bible 3rd Edition by Karen MacNeil

 mywinepal  October 1, 2022

Karen MacNeil is the author of two editions of her Wine Bible and now has come out with the third edition where she expands the book to cover new chapters of Great Britain, Croatia, and Israel, adding a revised Great Wines section for each country and region, plus expanded chapters on France, Italy, Australia, USA, and South America, plus much…

VINO - The Essential Guide to Real Italian Wine

Book Review: VINO – The Essential Guide to Real Italian Wine

 mywinepal  July 20, 2022

The more you taste wine and learn about grapes, viticulture, and vinification methods, you will likely drift toward more wines that highlight terroir.  Author, Joe Campanale, with Joshua David Stein, take a deep dive into Italian wines from small artisan producers using indigenous grapes and artisanal methods.  In the Acknowledgements at the end of the book, Joe Campanale notes, “My…