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Opening Up Vina Santa Carolina Wines from Chile

 mywinepal  December 6, 2018

Chile produces many fine wines at different price points.  Some people though view less expensive wines as simple and not too enjoyable.  But that is not always true.  In part, a wine may taste simple because it did not have a chance to decant and become more expressive.  And many people buying wines around $15 may want to open the wine,…

vSpin decanter in box

Taking a vSpin for a Spin With Inniskillin Dark Horse Vineyard Meritage

 mywinepal  May 28, 2018

There are many devices on the market to help open up a wine, aka decant, so that it is ready for drinking.  People usually decant a tannic red wine to soften the tannins and to get the aromatics in the wine to become more open.  Younger wines tend to need more decanting time than older wines as the older wines…