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Taste of Italy poster

A Taste of Italy Visits Vancouver

 mywinepal  March 9, 2023

Last week there was the Taste of Italy celebration held at the Vancouver Lookout downtown.  Wine and Italian cheese, prosciutto, chocolates, and more were there to sample. Here are ten wines that I quite enjoyed at the Taste of Italy.  Some of these wines are currently available in BC.  I marked those wines with a “*”.  The wines without the…

A Tasting of Wines from Italy

Celebrating Italian Wines Here and Hopefully Soon in the BC Market

 mywinepal  October 28, 2019

Italian wine always excites me.  I think it is the acidity in the wines and the in general red fruit flavours.  There is also a wide variety of wines from sparkling Prosecco and Franciacorta wines, and rosé/white/red wines made from indigenous grapes that smell and taste different from the other vitis vinifera that is now so common around the world. …

Top Drop Vancouver

My Top Drop 2018 Favourite Wines

 mywinepal  May 25, 2018

Top Drop is the last major wine tasting in Vancouver before the start of summer. Top Drop is meant to represent the best in terroir and winemaker craft. Nature and Nurture.  Wineries from around the world are selected for the best of both, and we were not disappointed.  In my 5 star wine rating, most wines were at least 4…

Latin Passion for Terroir menu

LATIN PASSION FOR TERROIR at La Terrazza for VanWineFest 2018

 mywinepal  March 5, 2018

This special dinner at La Terrazza for Vancouver International Wine Festival we were able to experience the synergy of wines from Spain, Italy and Uruguay, evoking passion along with the culinary treasures created by Chef Gennaro Iorio. We sampled wines from Bodega De Moya (Valencia), Dominio De Punctum (La Mancha), Bodega Garzon (Garzon) and Tenute Silvio Nardi (Montalcino). Our featured food and…

IVSA red and white wines

12 New Wines to BC For You To Try

 mywinepal  January 29, 2018

Last week was the first IVSA event for the wine, beer, and spirits trades people to find out about the newest bottles to arrive in BC.  Here are 12 different wines from around the world that I thought were quite good.  Enjoy them in 2018! White Wines Saget La Perrière M de Mulonniere Anjou Chenin Blanc, 2016, Lore Valley, France –…

2 Special Brunello di Montalcino from Bottega Spa

 mywinepal  June 16, 2016

Brunello di Montalcino is one of the great wines of Italy.  To try it where it is made; to see the vineyards for the grapes; and to visit the winery, was special for me.  I was invited by Bottega Spa, to visit their winery in Montalcino while I am in Italy.  I could not pass it up.  Getting picked up…