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Champagne and Art Nouveau

The Relationship Between Champagne and Art Nouveau

 mywinepal  September 7, 2022

Art and wine, but especially Champagne, has long been intertwined.  I think one of the greatest relationships between Champagne and art is during the La Belle Époque and Art Nouveau, which occurred starting in the late 1870’s and ending at the start of World War I.  This art was very organic and nature-inspired in shapes. The term Art Nouveau was…

A Vig wine label

Artists Exhibit on Roche Wines’ Wine Labels

 mywinepal  March 4, 2022

How much faith do you have in the product you create, whether it is a book you write or a wine you produce?  Roche Wines has great faith in their wines and it shows.  They asked sixteen Canadian artists to taste their wines “blind”, not knowing anything about the wine, other than it is red or white.  And then asking…

Scott Sueme Painting (credit Andrew Morrison)

Watch as Okanagan Crush Pad Gets Graffiti-ed – Again!

 mywinepal  August 13, 2021

I can’t believe that it has been 10 years since Okanagan Crush Pad started.  It seems less than that, but am happy that they have persisted and prospered.  To honour their 10 year anniversary they are going to do something special with street art.  If you can go out to the Okanagan you can watch the artist in action! Below…

Cecilia Anastos paintings

Do You Like Artwork about Wine?

 mywinepal  September 30, 2020

Do you like artwork about wine?  Artist, Cecilia Anastos, contacted me and asked if I could let my readers know about her wine bottle series. Some of the paintings reflect her Italian sense of humour.   Cecilia is a self-taught artist located in the San Diego, California area. If you enjoy her paintings, she created a 20% discount coupon till Oct…