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Drink Good Wine. That is my motto and I really want to help you drink good wine. What is good wine? That can be a different thing for each people. Food also loves wine so I also cover food and wine pairings, restaurant reviews, and world travel. Enjoy life with me. MyWinePal was started by Karl Kliparchuk, WSET. I spent many years with the South World Wine Society as the President and then cellar master. I love to travel around the world, visiting wine regions and sharing my passion for food & wine with you. Come live vicariously through me, and enjoy all my recommended wines.

Cheers to 2021: BoldData Uncorks the Biggest Champagne Companies by Revenue


Have you ever wondered which Champagne Houses and/or companies have the largest revenue?  BoldData in the Netherlands did the analysis.  The number #1 company should not be a surprise, but do you know who the next companies/Houses are?  Here is…

MyWinePal’s Near Perfect 4.5-5 Star Rated Wines for 2020

MyWinePal Top 4.5-5 Star Wines

This was a crazy year due to COVID, which limited my usual number of wine tastings, but when I checked through the wines, I realized that of the wines I did taste, many almost made my 5-star category.  These wines…

Round 2: Pairing BC and Bordeaux Wines with Cheese

CedarCreek Chardonnay 2017, 50th Parallel Estate Pinot Noir 2017, and Château de Marsan 2010 wines with 3 cheeses

As promised, here are my remaining 3 wines that I am pairing with the three “Entertaining Cheeses” that I received from Saputo. The three wines are: CedarCreek Chardonnay 2017, 50th Parallel Estate Pinot Noir 2017, and Château de Marsan 2010.…

Pairing Cheese with a BC Red and Ontario White VQA Wine

Gold Hill Syrah 2016 and Thirty Bench Small Lot Riesling, Wood Post Vineyard, 2015 wines paired with Cantonnier, Cheddar and Cendre de Lune cheeses

Wine and cheese pairings are great for holiday entertaining and when you want to enjoy by yourself. Today I have two VQA wines, one from BC, and one from Ontario, that I am pairing with a limited edition collectable box…