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Victoria Day has just passed in Canada and is known as our unofficial kick-off to summer.  For your summer wine enjoyment, you may lean toward white wines.  I have two white wines for you from Australia;  The Pewsey Vale Estate Eden Valley Riesling 2022 which is fermented in stainless steel and the Yalumba The Y Series Viognier 2022 which has oak barrel contact.  Commonwealth wines.

Pewsey Vale Vineyard’s love affair with Riesling started in 1847 when it was the first vineyard planted in the Eden Valley. Since the 2021 vintage release of Pewsey Vale Vineyard has been formally recognized for its sustainable winegrowing credentials, being amongst the first wine labels in Australia to display the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia trust mark. 

Although the birthplace of Viognier is the Rhone Valley in France, Viognier has done very well in Australia, with Yalumba being one of its major enthusiasts. Yalumba produces their Y Series Viognier using wild ferment.  Both wines are vegan-friendly.  

My Wine Tasting Notes

Pewsey Vale Estate Eden Valley Riesling 2022 (BC $28.99 at Everything Wine)

Appearance: This wine has a medium-minus intensity clear, bright lemon-green colour.
Nose: Medium-minus intensity aromas of citrus, light stone fruit and a hint of spearmint and white flowers. The aromas bump up to medium intensity after decanting.  You get sweeter stone fruit aromas and some honey.
Palate: This wine is off-dry, light-bodied, round, but with high acidity and pronounced fruit flavours.  Citrus and mineral flavours along with some white floral petals and pepperiness toward the finish. You can add a touch of stone fruit flavours and grape stem after decanting.
Finish:  A long-length, finishing with a mix of citrus and stone fruit flavours.  Puckering acidity and light pepperiness. A touch of grape stem on the finish after decanting.

A wine with fresh acidity and fruit flavours that can age.  Better to decant if you drink it now. You could pair it with a variety of dishes, like sushi, Caesar salad, fried chicken or other fried foods, and much more.

Rating: 4.5 stars with decanting.  It has a clear, bright lemon-green colour.  Medium-minus intensity aromas of citrus mainly, with lesser amounts of stone fruits, spearmint and white flowers.  This wine is off-dry, lighter bodied, and has higher acidity.  Mostly citrus flavours, along with lesser amounts of floral, mineral and pepperiness.  Stone fruit flavour and grape stem flavours noted after decanting.  A longer length.

Yalumba The Y Series Viognier 2022 and Pewsey Vale Estate Eden Valley Riesling 2022 with wines in glasses
Yalumba The Y Series Viognier 2022 and Pewsey Vale Estate Eden Valley Riesling 2022 with wines in glasses

Yalumba The Y Series Viognier 2022 (BC $17.99 on sale at BCL till June 1, 2024)

Appearance: A medium-plus bright, clear lemon colour.  Visible teardrops on the sides of the glass with swirling.
Nose: It has pronounced aromas, mainly of toast, with light pineapple and citrus in the background. Deep aromas. No change to the aromas after decanting.
Palate: Dryish, with a medium body and a round, thicker mouthfeel.  Medium acidity leaves a light acidic prickle on your tongue.  Mostly toast on the palate along with light pineapple, a hint of oak and then butteriness on the mid-palate to the finish.  Some grape stem bitterness. Medium-plus flavour intensity. No changes to the flavours after decanting.
Finish: A medium-plus length finishing off-dry.  Toast, oak and light pineapple plus some grape stem bitterness.  It finishes with a thick mouthfeel. A drier finish after decanting.

This wine has a strong oak component on the nose and palate.  If you are not a fan of oaked Chardonnay, I would not recommend this wine.  If you enjoy oaked white wines, this wine would match nicely with a rich and creamy dish with chicken or seafood, as well as with creamy, buttery cheeses.

Rating: 4 stars This Viognier has a clear lemon colour.  Pronounced aromas mainly of toast and lesser amount of pineapple that carry on to the palate.  This wine is dryish with a medium body and a round, thicker mouthfeel.  Some butteriness on the mid-palate to the finish.  A medium-plus length finishing off-dry.

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

The Yalumba Viognier is available at BC Liquor Stores and at Everything Wine stores. It is also available at these shops: Denman Beer & Wine, Angry Otter, and Liquor Plus.

The Pewsey Vale Eden Estate Riesling is available at Everything Wine stores. It is also available at these shops: High Point, Vessel, Angry Otter, Nesters, JAKS, and The Gull.

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