A Few BC Wine Suggestions for Easter 2024 Dinner

Easter dinner
Easter dinner

For Easter dinner featuring roast turkey or roast ham with mashed potatoes and vegetables, selecting wine varietals that complement the flavours of these classic dishes is key. For red wine enthusiasts, Pinot Noir would be an excellent choice. With its bright acidity and delicate red fruit flavours, it would pair well with the savouriness of turkey or ham. The soft tannins won’t overpower the meal, allowing the subtle nuances of the meat to shine through. Gamay Noir is another option, with similar flavours, acidity, and tannins.  If you want a little more structured tannins, try Cabernet Franc.

On the white wine side, an oaked Chardonnay would be a fantastic match.  Chardonnay provides a beautiful counterbalance to the richness of the roast turkey or ham. Its buttery character (from oak aging) complements the creamy mashed potatoes while its acidity cuts through any heaviness, refreshing the palate between bites. Whether the dinner leans towards traditional or contemporary preparations, a well-balanced Chardonnay adds a touch of sophistication to the Easter table. Pinot Gris is also a tasty option with its fresh fruit flavours and medium acidity.

For those opting for baked salmon, a crisp and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc could be a great choice. Its zesty acidity and vibrant citrus fruit flavours, pair wonderfully with the flavour and texture of salmon. You typically put lemon slices or lemon juice on your salmon, so why not enjoy your salmon with Sauvignon Blanc? 

A universal choice for all the above would be a rose wine with its typical red fruit flavours and vibrant acidity.  With that said, here are a few BC wines I tasted since last Easter that you may want to consider enjoying with your upcoming Easter dinner.

My BC Wine Selections

Da Silva Vineyards and Winery Vinhedo Series Chardonnay 2022
Da Silva Vineyards and Winery Vinhedo Series Chardonnay 2022

Da Silva Vineyards and Winery Vinhedo Series Chardonnay 2022 (BC $33.99)Rating4 stars – 4.5 stars This Chardonnay has a bright medium-plus intensity mix of lemon and gold colour. Light aromas of peach and pineapple, and a touch of sweet spices with air. Dry with a round, velvety, creamy, thicker mouthfeel.  Lower acidity.  Tropical fruit flavours, along with a light touch of oak and some herbaceousness. Medium to medium-plus length.

Lunessence Winery Small Lot Series Chardonnay 2022 – Medium intensity, bright lemon colour.  Medium-intensity aromas of toast, butterscotch and apples. Medium body with a soft, smooth mouthfeel.  Lighter acidity.  Butterscotch and roasted apple flavours plus a light touch of sweet spices.  Quality. 4.5 stars

1 Mill Road Winery Chardonnay 2022 – A bright, pale lemon colour.  Light stone fruit and butterscotch aromas.  Dry, lighter bodied with with a soft mouthfeel.  Light apple flavour and a touch of butterscotch.  Light acidity.  Very elegant. 4.5 stars

Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars Estate Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc 2022 (BC $25.90)Rating4.5 stars – 5 stars A Sauvignon Blanc with style.  Lighter citrus and ripe stone fruit aromas.  Dry with a medium body and lean mouthfeel.  Medium-plus flavours of citrus and ripe stone fruits, plus a touch of toast and prominent minerality.  Medium-plus length.

High Note Estate Winery Soubrette Pinot Grigio 2022
High Note Estate Winery Soubrette Pinot Grigio 2022

High Note Estate Winery Soubrette Pinot Grigio 2022 (BC $25)Rating4 stars – 4.5 stars  Without decanting, this is a wine with nice ripe tropical fruit, pears and some citrus pith.  Dry with a thicker, round smooth mouthfeel. Citrus and pears, with touches of minerality and some grape stem bitterness.  Medium-plus length.

Mayhem Wines Sauvignon Blanc 2022 (BC $20.97)Rating4 stars – 4.5 stars A Sauvignon Blanc that is not over the top with citrus and green fruit aromas and flavours, but they are there, bright and vibrant.  I enjoy the orange blossom, acidity and steeliness of this wine.

Meyer Family Vineyards Old Main Road Vineyard Micro Cuvee Chardonnay 2022 (BC $60.97)Rating4.5 stars  This wine is intensely coloured lemon and gold.  Inviting aromas of stone fruits, pears and peaches in particular, plus touches of toast, butterscotch and sweet spices. Dry with a medium body and smooth mouthfeel, lightly round. Medium-plus intensity of flavours of more stone fruits and less citrus, plus butterscotch and toast. Medium-plus length.

Blue Grouse Estate Winery Rosé 2022 – A pale rose petal plus orange colour.  Light aromas of strawberries, rhubarb and red fruits.  Medium body, smooth with a thicker mouthfeel.  Tart flavours; rhubarb and red fruit.  Medium-plus acidity.  Medium length. 4 stars – 4.5 stars

Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars Brut Rosé, R.D. 2019 (BC $39.90) – A clear medium peach colour in the glass. Medium-intensity aromas of red fruit and toast. Dryish, with medium plus acidity and light tannins.  Tart fresh red fruit flavours, plus touches of floral and red cherries.  Medium-sized creamy bubbles in the glass. A medium-plus length finishing with tart red fruit and a touch of bitterness 4.5 stars

Hester Creek Estate Winery Cabernet Franc Rosé 2022
Hester Creek Estate Winery Cabernet Franc Rosé 2022

Hester Creek Estate Winery Cabernet Franc Rosé 2022 (BC $19.99)Rating4 stars An easy-to-sip, off-dry rosé wine that has rhubarb, candied cherries and herbaceous aromas. A round, thicker mouthfeel but offers a light acidic prickle on your tongue. Rhubarb, red fruit and candied red fruit on the palate.  Medium-plus length.

Church & State Wines Cabernet Franc 2019 (BC $37.38)Rating:  4.5 stars  A wine with a tannic backbone that will help it age nicely.  It has lighter aromas of black fruits, plums, and touches of capsicum, sweet spices and candied cherries.  A dry wine with a smooth, thicker mouthfeel. Medium-intensity tannins and acidity.  Restrained black fruits, plums, cherries, dark chocolate and more.  Medium-plus length.

Valley Commons Cabernet Franc 2018 (you may need to purchase a newer vintage) – Rating4 stars – 4.5 stars  This wine has a dull garnet colour.  Medium-intensity fruit red fruit aromas along with sweet spices and cedar.  Dry, medium-bodied with a soft and lightly round mouthfeel.  Inviting red fruit flavours, along with red cherries and sweet spices.  Lower acidity and medium tannins.  Medium-plus length.

Blue Grouse Vineyards Pinot Noir 2021, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island – They have about 8 different clones planted and will see which will be the best for them.  This one was made in amphora using partial whole cluster fermentation to help manage the tannins then barrel-aged for 16 months. The wine has a light, clear garnet colour.  Light-intensity aromas of tart cherries and red fruits plus some earthiness. Medium body, soft and smooth on the palate.  Sweet spices, nutmeg, red fruits, plus a touch of forest floor flavours.  Light tannins.  An acid-driven wine.  4 stars – 4.5 stars

Solvero Wines Pinot Noir 2020
Solvero Wines Pinot Noir 2020

Solvero Wines Pinot Noir 2020 (BC $35)Rating4 stars – 4.5 stars An elegant Pinot Noir with lighter aromas of red fruit and candied red fruits, cedar, cinnamon, toast and floral. This wine is dry with a medium body.  A smooth mouthfeel.  More red fruit, cinnamon, and floral on the palate.  A medium-plus length.

JoieFarm PTG 2022, Naramata Bench, Okanagan Valley – This is their “bistro” wine.  A value, refreshing, but still a complex wine.  A Gamay (79%), Pinot Noir (21%) blend. It is a bright clear, medium-intensity blend of garnet and ruby colours.  Very light aromas of candied red cherries.  Dry, medium-plus body, with a thicker, round mouthfeel.  A mix of candied cherries and tart red fruit flavours.  Light pepperiness.  Lightly drying tannins.  Medium-plus length. 4 stars

I don’t have a listing of the locations that each of these wines can be purchased.  If you live in the Okanagan you probably can purchase most of these wines from the winery.  If you are in the lower mainland, check with BC Liquor stores, Marquis Wine Cellars, Save on Foods, and Everything Wine.  Happy Easter.

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