Never Open Just One Bottle of Wine

Township 7 Benchmark Series Fool's Gold Vineyard Viognier 2021 and Blasted Church Vineyards Viognier 2022 labels
Township 7 Benchmark Series Fool’s Gold Vineyard Viognier 2021 and Blasted Church Vineyards Viognier 2022

I recommend opening two bottles of wine at the same time, not so that you have to finish both bottles in one sitting. Rather so that you can compare the two wines. What do you like about one wine more than another? What are the differences in their aromas and flavours?  Don’t open the first bottle, finish it, then open the second bottle.  You won’t be able to properly compare the wines and see which you enjoy more.  You can compare two wines of the same variety either from the same region, from two different vintages, or two different countries.  I do that quite often.  You don’t need to write notes.  Mental notes are sufficient unless you want to keep a notebook and dive deep into critiquing wine.

Opening two bottles of wine simultaneously enhances the overall experience by offering a dynamic and interactive tasting session. When you pour from both bottles, you create an engaging sensory exploration, allowing the nuances of each wine to interact with your palate. This approach provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the evolving characteristics of the wines as they aerate and develop in the glass (I’ve noted in the past how quickly Malbec wine aromas and flavours change in a glass.) The side-by-side comparison enables you to discern subtle differences in texture, acidity, and body, fostering a deeper understanding of your preferences. Can you taste the richer fruit flavours from a warmer vintage or the differences between an oaked and unoaked wine? Which do you prefer and why?

Moreover, opening two bottles encourages social interaction and shared enjoyment. Whether you’re with friends, family, or fellow wine enthusiasts, this approach facilitates lively discussions about individual preferences and the unique qualities of each wine. It transforms a solitary act into a communal experience, where diverse perspectives contribute to a richer understanding of the sampled wines. The shared exploration of flavours and aromas adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the occasion, creating lasting memories centred around the artistry of winemaking.

Give it a try and post your experience in my Comments section below.  Enjoy!

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