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Musical notes
Musical notes

We are used to seeing European wine labels with names of places, or other identification, other than the name of the grape varieties in the bottle. In North America and BC, we tend to have the name of the winery and the grape variety or varieties on the label.  But today, I have two BC wines that have descriptive names on their labels: Church & State Wines Trebella 2020 and High Note Estate Winery Capriccio 2022.  The latter bottle does say “Riesling” in smaller lettering at the bottom of the label.  The two words, Trebella and Capriccio, to me, have musical associations.  “Trebel” is close to treble, the higher pitched sound and three parts.  Trebella is made with three white Rhone grape varieties.  “Capriccio” is a piece of music, usually fairly free in form and of a lively character.  Do these titles pair up with the aromas and flavours of these wines?  Let me get into the wines with you.

My Wine Tasting Notes

Church & State Wines Trebella 2020 (BC $27.89)

A blend of 33% Roussanne, 33% Marsanne, and 34% Viognier (treble).  After fermentation, the wines spent eight months in French oak barrels.

Appearance: A bright, clear, medium-plus intensity lemon colour.
Nose: Light aromas of toast mainly, with lesser amounts of cinnamon, roasted apples and stone fruits. The aroma bumps up to medium with decanting, without any changes to the aromas. No changes to the aromas after decanting.
Palate: Dry, full-bodied with a thick, smooth and round mouthfeel.  Low acidity.  Medium-plus flavour intensity of toast and touches of cinnamon, roasted apples, grape stem and peach. No changes with decanting. No changes to the flavours after decanting.
Finish: Medium-plus length finishing with a full-bodied mouthfeel to the end. Peach and sweet spices plus some grape stem and toast. The wine gets quite peppery at the very end. A lighter mouthfeel on the finish and less peppery with decanting. No changes to the finish after decanting.

Open and enjoy this wine as it does not change with decanting.  A bigger-bodied wine with a smooth mouthfeel, toasty aroma and flavour.  The winery suggests this wine will go well with white meat or fish cooked with mild spices, curry, saffron, and garam masala.  Give it a try.

Rating: 4 stars This wine has light aromas of toast mainly, along with touches of cinnamon, roasted apples and stone fruits.  It is dry, and full-bodied with a thick and smooth mouthfeel.  Low acidity.  More toast, cinnamon, apples and stone fruits on the palate.  Medium-plus length.

Church & State Wines Trebella 2020 and High Note Estate Winery Capriccio 2022 with wines in glasses
Church & State Wines Trebella 2020 and High Note Estate Winery Capriccio 2022 with wines in glasses

High Note Estate Winery Capriccio 2022 (BC $28)

This wine is made with the grapes fermented in both concrete and in stainless steel eggs.  

Appearance: A bright, clear, medium-minus intensity straw + lemon colour.
Nose: Medium-minus intensity aromas of citrus, stone fruits, crisp apple, honey, blossom and a touch of toastiness or grape stem.  No change to the aromas after decanting.
Palate: Dry, smooth, lightly round and with a light mouthfeel.  Medium-plus acidity. Stone fruits with a touch of petrol, lime and lime skin.  With air, you get some floral, peach, and minerality on the palate.  No change to flavours or weight of this wine after decanting.
Finish: A medium-plus length finishing with tart citrus, crisp apple, and stone fruit flavours.  Honey and apple skin with additional swirling. A touch of tannins from the grape stem.  Stoniness on the finish.  No changes to the finish of this wine after decanting.

As there are no changes with decanting, you can open and enjoy this wine.  Restrained stone fruits and some stoniness are quite pleasant.  But this wine will also be quite enjoyable if you let it age for a few years in your cellar.  I think Capriccio fits this wine as it is quite lively in character.

Rating: 4.5 stars  A very enjoyable riesling with citrus, stone fruit, crisp apple and more aromas.  Dry with higher acidity and light mouthfeel.  Stone fruits, with hints of petrol, lime, floral, and minerality.  Medium-plus length.

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

Both wines are available to purchase online from the respective winery website:

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