Tasting Two TERRE lab Winemakers Series Wines

TERRE lab front label info
TERRE lab front label info

Winemakers, besides making the wines their wineries are known for, also like to take on smaller projects. Testing out new methods or grape varieties. TERRE lab Winemakers Series wines are where Gold Hill Winery’s Val Tait gets to have some fun. These wines are made in very small lots (e.g. 70-80 cases or less). Bottled under the label TerreLab, they reflect the soils and microclimates of their vineyards and excellence in winemaking. In fact, the front label of these TERRE lab wines tells you everything about the grape, clone, elevation, rootstock, planting density, and more! I received their TERRE lab Tempranillo 2018 and Tempranillo Rosé 2021 to taste and review.

Tempranillo is not a widely planted grape in BC.  From the Wines of BC’s most planted grapes in BC in 2019, of the top 16 grapes, Tempranillo does not even show up.  So getting a chance to try BC Tempranillo is quite a treat.  Spain is the home of Tempranillo where I read that it is the most widely planted grape in the country and that 87% of the Tempranillo around the world is grown in Spain (Wikipedia).

Let me tell you about these two special small-lot wines.

My Wine Tasting Notes

TERRE lab Winemakers Series Tempranillo 2018 (BC $35.99, Club Members ONLY)

Appearance: A medium intensity translucent to core ruby and garnet colour mixed. About 70% opaque.
Nose: Medium intensity aromas showing black fruit, candied red fruits, sweet spices, vanilla, nutmeg and liquorice. The wine has a strong cedar aroma after decanting, plus I pick up black pepper.  The other mentioned aromas persist.
Palate: Dry, medium body, round and soft mouthfeel. Black fruit, black plums and cherries, along with overripe/stewed black fruits, plus touches of nutmeg, liquorice and slate. A light oak treatment. The cedar flavour continues to the palate.  No major change in flavours, other than the plum flavour is no longer present.
Finish: A medium length, finishing with a lighter mouthfeel. Black and stewed black fruits, some tart fruit, light tannins and pepperiness. Black fruit, nutmeg, light pepperiness and now some bitterness with decanting.

I think the undecanted version of this wine was a bit nicer than the decanted version.  But either way, this is a wine to enjoy with some grilled meat.

Rating: 4 stars4.5 stars Medium intensity translucent to the core ruby with garnet colour.  Medium intensity aromas of candied red fruit, black fruit, liquorice and sweet spices.  Dry, medium, body, round and soft.  Candied cherries and stewed black fruits.  A touch of sweet spices and oak.  Medium length with black fruit, some tartness and light pepperiness.  

TERRE lab Winemakers Series Tempranillo Rosé 2021 and Tempranillo 2018 with wines in glasses
TERRE lab Winemakers Series Tempranillo Rosé 2021 and Tempranillo 2018 with wines in glasses

TERRE lab Winemakers Series Tempranillo Rosé 2021 (BC $24.99)

Appearance: A lighter clear peach colour.
Nose: Medium intensity aromas of sweet red fruits and a touch of bramble leaf. With some swirling, you also pick up a peach scent as well.  With decanting I was picking up more stone fruit aromas than red fruits.
Palate: Dry, very smooth with a thicker waxy mouth feel. Flavours of red fruit and raspberries, along with a touch of bramble leaf and grape stem tannins. Light acidity. Again with some swirling you also get some peach on the palate. The wine dept its smooth thick waxy mouthfeel.  The red fruit flavours were lighter in intensity and I picked up stone fruits and light pepperiness.
Finish: A medium-plus length finishing with flavours of red fruit and some grape stem and pepperiness. Medium length with decanting with the continuation of red fruit, grape stem, and pepperiness on the finish.

A classy Rosé that is not too tart.  Decanting doesn’t add to this wine, just makes the red fruit flavours a bit lighter and adds some stone fruits.

Rating: 4 stars A light, bright peach colour.  Light aromas of red fruit and a touch of bramble leaf.  More stone fruit aromas with air.  Dry, very smooth with a thicker waxy texture.  Red fruit, raspberries plus touches of oak and bramble leaf.  Again stone fruits with some air.  Medium-plus length with red fruit, grape stem, and pepperiness on the finish.

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

You can purchase these wines through the Gold Hill Winery website, but the Tempranillo is only for Club Members.

TERRE lab Winemakers Series Tempranillo 2018

TERRE lab Winemakers Series Tempranillo Rosé 2021

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