Two Malbecs from Bodega Luigi Bosca for Malbec World Day April 17

Wines of Argentina Malbec World DayMalbec World Day is on April 17 and I have two Malbecs for you from Bodega Luigi Bosca in ArgentinaMalbec is best known as the signature red grape of Argentina, although it originally comes from France, both in Bordeaux and in Cahors.  Neither region in France was warm enough for this grape to ripen enough so was mostly dropped in Bordeaux, but still grows in Cahors. Climate change is helping its return in France.

But in Argentina, where the combination of high altitude, lots of sunlight, and dry climate has made the perfect growing conditions for Malbec.  The two wines I have for you are 100% Malbec and both are from the 2019 vintage. 

Why is Malbec World Day Celebrated on April 17?

According to the Wines of Argentina, ” By the late nineteenth century, the phylloxera plague had destroyed the French vineyards, so the “Côt” (aka Malbec) had been forgotten, leaving, however, a culture of appreciation emerged for Malbec during this time…Sometime later, Malbec Argentino appeared. This variety arrived in our country in 1853 in the hands of Michel Aimé Pouget (1821-1875), a French agronomist who was commissioned by Argentine journalist, politician and statesman, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento to carry out the management of the Agricultural Quinta de Mendoza…Modelled on France, the initiative proposed adding new grape varieties as a means to enhancing the national wine industry. On April 17, 1853, with the support of the governor of Mendoza, Pedro Pascual Segura, a project was presented to the Provincial Legislature, with a view to establishing a Quinta Normal and Agricultural School. This project was approved by the House of Representatives on 6 September that same year…In the late nineteenth century with the help of Italian and French immigrants, the wine industry grew exponentially and with it, Malbec, which quickly adapted to the various different terroirs, and developed with even better results than in its region of origin. Thus, over time and with a lot of hard work, it emerged as the flagship grape of Argentina.”

My Wine Tasting Notes

Bodega Luigi Bosca La Linda Private Selection Old Vines Malbec 2019 (BC $17.49 on sale at BC Liquor stores till April 30/22)

From the winery, “Made using grapes grown in vineyards between 50 and 60 years old, located in Luján de Cuyo and  Maipú, Mendoza, at an average altitude of 800 meters…Part of the wine is aged in oak barrels for 8 months.”

Appearance: Deep garnet colour, translucent to the core. 85% opaque.
Nose: Very light with sweet spices, red fruit, and cherry aromas.  And a hint of coffee with swirling. The aromas stay very light with decanting and have the same sweet spices, red fruit, and cherries aromas.  No coffee, but now you get a touch of leather.
Palate: Lightly off-dry, medium-plus body and flavour intensity. Silky smooth and lightly round.  Light acidity and drier tannins.  Raspberry, plum, and black fruit flavours, plus a mix of coffee and chocolate.  Oak on the mid-palate. The flavours of the wine are not as strong with decanting.  I miss the coffee and chocolate flavours.
Finish: Medium length finishing dry with firmer tannins.  Dark fruit, plums, and a touch of cocoa flavours. A tarter finish with decanting and now you get raspberries on the finish.

No decanting is needed.  The wine has more prominent flavours before decanting.

Rating: 4 stars Deep, garnet colour.  Translucent to the core.  Very light aromas showing sweet spices, red fruit and cherries.  Dry, medium-plus body, smooth and lightly round.  Medium tannins firm up on the finish.  Plums, raspberries, black fruit and a light mix of coffee and chocolate flavours.  Medium length.

Bodega Luigi Bosca La Linda Private Selection Old Vines Malbec and Bodega Luigi Bosca Malbec 2019 with wines in glasses
Bodega Luigi Bosca La Linda Private Selection Old Vines Malbec and Bodega Luigi Bosca Malbec 2019 with wines in glasses

Bodega Luigi Bosca Malbec 2019 (BC $21.99 on sale at BC Liquor stores till April 30/22)

From the winery, “Made with grapes from vineyards located in Luján de Cuyo and Valle de Uco, Mendoza. Age of the vines: 35 years average…The wine is aged in French oak barrels for 12 months.”

Appearance: A deep garnet with ruby tinge, about 95% opaque.
Nose: Medium intensity nose, with aromas that all mesh together.  I was able to get meaty, sweet spices, oak, black plums, black pepper, black fruit, and black cherry aromas. The fruit aromas remained with decanting but lost the sweet spices, and black pepper aromas. I did get some leather aroma to go with the meaty aroma.
Palate: Dry, medium-plus body, very silky smooth and round, but not completely mouth-filling.  Floral to start, then add in raspberries, plums, black fruit, and black pepper.  Red cherries, chocolate, and vanilla on the mid-palate.  Candied cherries, leather, and nutmeg with swirling. Medium tannins and acidity. The wine stays very silky smooth with decanting but gets quite peppery from the mid-palate to the finish.  Again you get more fruit flavours and less sweet spices.  Floral and raspberry flavours are prominent with decanting.
Finish: A medium-plus length, with a smooth finish.  Light pepperiness. Plums.  Very light tannins. Some sweet candied red fruits on the finish with decanting.

I don’t think that this wine needs decanting.  I enjoy the sweet spices in the undecanted version.

Rating: 4.5 stars An enticing red wine; almost opaque garnet.  Medium intensity aromas; meaty, sweet spices, oak, plums, black fruit and a touch of floral.  This wine is dry, medium-plus body, and silky smooth.  Raspberries, plums, black fruit and floral flavours.  Red cherries and vanilla on the mid-palate.  Very light tannins on the finish.

Where Can I Buy These Wines?

The Bodega Luigi Bosca Malbec 2019 is available, on sale, at BC Liquor stores till April 30, 2022, and at Everything Wine at the same price. The Bodega Luigi Bosca La Linda Private Selection Old Vines Malbec 2019 is also on sale at BC Liquor Stores.  It is a BCL Select Item, so only available through the BC Liquor stores.


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